Sunday, October 10, 2010

Superwoman of the weekend

First of all, I'd like to thank this super sweet blogger, Toni from Misings of an Offbeat Biped (she is such a doll and fun!  Check out her blog!) for this cute Follower Award!

So weekend was as amazing as always! I went to New York City again for another Birthday celebration with 2 super sweet friends, I was doing better this time because I know them well, so I could be less awkward.  I was actually grateful that the other girls couldn't make it.  Heheh.. so evil!  I decided to drive to the city this time.  Traffic in the city was so bad with crazy drivers, but since I drove for about 2 years in Jakarta and the condition was 10 times worse, I was so used to curse, honk, cut, and other depressed driver attitudes.  My friends called me SUPERWOMAN.  Hahah..

We got a Junior Suite at Fitzpatrick Grand Central (at 141 East 44th Street).  Everything was so pretty! The room was HUGE, with a feather king size bed, and a mini jacuzzi with a mini TV in there.  A little pricey but it was so WORTH it!

I love our bed!

Then we went to this French restaurant, Matisse (at 924 Second Avenue)

The food was CLOUD 9 to me, here are what we had.  The name was complicated, so I had no name for them, heheh..

Right at 12AM, we did a little celebration with this super delicious cake, a bottle of white wine, and Cheetos!

Can you believe that this girl just turned 30 and she looks AMAZING!  I wonder how I will look when it's my turn

The outfit parade!

I was happy to the MAX!

So what did you do on the weekend? I would LOVE to know! (:


  1. you look really great that night ! and the food is just delicious and scruptious !

    thanks for the sweet comments !

  2. Looks and sounds so fun! That food looks delicious

    -Shoeless Simone

  3. the food looks delicious..
    im so hunger for cakes right now..
    ohh no....hehe ;p

  4. Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time! I've been checking out NYC accom lately and oh man is it expensive! x

  5. Seems like you had fun.. I love NY more than anything(Okay actually I love London more than anything, but NY comes second!) Youre so so lucky to be going there whenever you want! Im a little too far..
    I did nothing interesting in the weekend- Friday went out with my boyfriend and another couple in a German restaurant, Saturday I went at a friend's place where we just crushed for drinks until like 5am and Sunday I stayed home all day and at night I went out with my girlfriends for drinks! That's just about it:)


  6. you know what? those foods makes me starving. looks like you have a really fantastic days. and congratulation for the award
    by the way, i've linked you to my blog list :)

    Natalie's blog

  7. Sanny said...
    That software sounds so promising and useful in this era of technology! It has always been a pain in the neck each time I need to capture something and it could take sometime, I don't like waiting! Definitely will try it out! Thanks for sharing the information!

    Have a fabulous one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

    11 October 2010 04:27
    Rebecca said...
    Sanny - I know it is actually really handy, especially for blogging! You're very welcome, if you write a review of the program you can get a licence to use it for FREE!! Just link me to your review and I can get you a registration code x

  8. Thank you so much! I love your dress! xoxo

  9. Hehe! I love when you go to NYC! You're friends are gorgeous and so are you!

    Fabulous! And I adore all the food pics.

    And congrats on the award!



  10. This looks like lotsa fun! (:
    You look gorgeous! I especially love the pic that you were looking at your girlfriend (:
    & thanks a gazillion for following back & dropping sweet comments. lotssssss of love (& ice cream)

    xxxox !That girl who stole the ice cream parlour

  11. such a great way to celebrate your bday. Do you live near NY?xx

  12. You look so pretty!!And food...mmmmmm.


  13. I love your bed to! nice pics!
    by the way, your background is gorgeaus. ♥♥

  14. I find it unique too! So beautiful....

    Wow,your pictures looks so funny!

    Follow each other?


  15. Hey Sanny, thank you for your comment!
    ♥, chanel ;-)

  16. Hi Sanny!:) I spend my weekend doing my portfolio and doing my website for my portfolio:( boring. You have a fantastic weekend and you look GORGEOUS!! :)

  17. ooh thanks! but trust my skin is not so perfect as it seems.. =)
    love the striped dress!

  18. Thanks for your comment. Your really have a nice blog! I'll follow you ;)


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