Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let the ghost gasp

My day was Priceless.

Explain why?
That is also one of my uncountable reasons to love life, its surprises each day, both good and bad!
1. I was supposed to attend a Halloween party as a friend's but bailed because I found out the crowd would be enormous and a lot of drinking would involve.  Not my thing, I just don't enjoy any kind of craze like that.  Went for a stroll and good meal in Korean Town instead, loving the Manhattan view across the river.  How would I know a change of plan could turn out to be much better!
2. Was supposed to take 'darker' pictures but I didn't know how to express 'dark' expressions.  Smiling is my thing and I've been doing it too often my whole life.  Now I know how I'm labelled as the cheerful one (:
3. Wondering about the amount of 'friendliness' I should put in each interaction with others, especially guys.  I only met some people for few times, hang out with few of them for a bit, just being friendly, you know.. Now another one came to me expressing how they wanted to try to be 'more than friend'.  How disappointing.  I'm losing more and more guy friends!
4.  I lost 3 pounds in a week with my fruity smoothie and white meat only diet. Yay!

I'm going for a hayride now!

What did you do on Halloween? Did you get to wear a costume?

Jacket & tights - Anthropologie, mini dress - Macy's, shoes - forgot

Manhattan view from Ford Lee, NJ

It was my brother's birthday.  My sister and I did a little messy singing as a present.  Because he likes Taylor Swift and black horse, we sang Taylor's 'white horse' as 'black horse' to him.  I was actually saying 'beloved brother' but I didn't know how it sounded 'blood brother' in the video.  Heheh, so silly!  Do you think I sound like A MAN?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How 'now' rhymes with 'wow'

My day was a snapshot.

Explain why?
Wrapping up most of my work loads, had a super brief lunch, and I felt good!  That's also another great thing about my job, the busyness is not constant, so there's always a day to relax, a fun busy day, everyday is different!  And my boss just dropped me a news that got me all excited already!  I'm getting a new office room all to myself!  I'd been eyeing that one unoccupied room with new furnitures since the business partner left, and it will be mine by December because my boss will be traveling the whole November.  Yay to me, I'm such a lucky girl!

A very overrated virtue:
The  service and maintenance fee for my Hybrid car.  Okay, it has super awesome mileage, but I have to spend almost $200 each time.  My baby is spoiled!  But I couldn't skip it because I don't want any risk since I travel a lot with that car.
The Monsieur always got his way to make my day even better.  The fact that he was all concerned about the disasters (volcano and tsunami) that hit my home country (Indonesia) recently, made me smile smile smile.  Indonesia has 18,306 islands, and my family happen to live in one with less such life threatening disasters.  Just some floods during heavy raining days and little earthquakes.
My favorite tree just across the street from my apartment.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Potato, potahto, we like French fries

First of all, I'm pretty much satisfied with Paranormal Activity 2.  As much as I like the first one, this sequel is even better!  It's still not scary at all to watch (just like the first one), but I could imagine how spooky it would be to really experience it.  Overall, it was very entertaining!  Not going to spoil anything, so just go and watch it yourself.  As for Hereafter, I was disappointed.  I expected much more from the movie but it was just mediocre.  But the French lady and the tsunami scene helped a little bit, though.

I was supposed to go to New York City on Sunday with a friend.  For some reason, the GPS got us to different direction and we ended up missing the exit (for like three times), we couldn't stop laughing for all the silliness.  Then we decided to just go to a mall called Short Hills.  This mall is filled with branded stuff like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Verragamo, etc.  So my big sister wanted me to check out some of the Chanel bags before she makes a purchase.  I always love her for making me her 'almost' personal shopper.  The bright side is, this mall also have my favorite affordable brands such as Anthropologie and United Colors of Benetton.

Here I introduce my food hunting partner (and part time shopping partner).  We always went crazy for food and didn't mind driving for hours just for food.

I got these mustard tights from Anthropologie for $12.50, and the black and maroon ones are from Benetton for $14.50 each.

I also got this belt from Anthropologie for $19.99,

A sweater dress from Anthropologie for $168 (a little pricey, but I really like it and it's super warm!).

Lastly, a scarf, also from Anthropologie, for $38.  Because they didn't have this color in store, I will have to wait for them to ship it to me.

We ended our night dining at the famous So Kong Dong Korean Restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ (which is located right across Manhattan, New York, separated by the Hudson River).  And their ribs and seafood tofu soup are so far the BEST!

I made these sweet Strawberry Parfait on Saturday for the first time (so glad that nothing or nobody was hurt during my operation).  A little too sweet but I know I'll do better next time!  I challenged my sister for a whole week of smoothie and other healthy body detox food starting this Monday and she took it.  I was inspired after reading a smoothie making post by the lovely Alina from Provocative Couture (check her out, she is fantastic!)  Wish us luck! 

I feel bad somehow about my spendings.  I haven't been saving the amount of money I'm supposed to, have to be more committed starting next month!  The Monsieur used to say,  'Why did you spend so much again?! I thought I told you to at least save $300/month'.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A wish to play a sweet violin

People surely like to question why does my life seem so easy and stressless.  I usually will just laugh and tell them that I was born to be the lucky one.  But honestly, I think it goes back to how we handle those bad days and hard times.  I happen to be the kind of person who is able to move on fast and remain optimistic.  I feel so blessed!

So it's weekend already, I'm super ecstatic!  I'll be watching Paranormal Activity 2 and Hereafter tomorrow (totally in the mood for spooky stuff in this Halloween month), then just chill on Saturday and will hang out in New York City again on Sunday.

Any big plan this weekend?

The result of these pictures were so crabby because my camera broke down and it couldn't be operated at all after taking these pictures.  Fortunately, they replaced a new one for me right away.  Yay!

I'd been looking for white oxford shoes for quite sometime and finally found these pair from Candela NYC!  I practically fell in love the first time I look at them!

So I utterly swallowed my pride and told him that I change my mind today.  I will be there for him when he needs me, some day.  Really do feel better, Monsieur.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The girl in fedora hat

So I went to watch Jackass 3D and RED last Friday.  Both were indeed very entertaining and funny!  I laughed so hard that the guy sitting next to me couldn't help but stare each time I burst into probably the craziest laughter in the room.  I have lived this weekly movie routine (2 to 3 movies per week) life for as long as I could remember.  I enjoyed all kind of movies especially horrors, thrillers, and Indies.  Therefore, I was so used to those disturbing, nasty, horrifying scenes.  Until last Sunday when I watched The Human Centipede.  It was the STRANGEST and SICKEST movie, like EVER!  I laughed so hard because it was hilariously ridiculously sick! (kudos to the creator, though)  And those victims in the movie seem to be so lack of safety knowledge and logic!  When the movie ended, the guy and me were just sitting on his coach, speechless.  And we couldn't eat anything anymore for the rest of the day.

What is your craziest movie experience?

These pictures were taken about four months ago during our family trip to Universal Studio, California

I'm always the quirky one in the family, I was not supposed to be in this picture but I sneaked in.  My mom once told me that maybe I came from another planet (dropped down from a UFO or something).  My aunt always refuses to stay in the same car with me alone, because she couldn't stand my teases. RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Monsieur, Monsieur... Please feel better.  Things may never be the same again but I still care!  Is it appropriate to tell him that I want to be there for him, to listen to him, to make him feel better, even after I told him that I didn't want anything to do with him anymore? I'm such a horrible person!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A date with Autumn

Have I bored you yet for mentioning too many times about my love for Princeton?  Since I didn't have any big plan yesterday, and was really sure Princeton University would have amazing Autumn view, I dragged my family for some photo shoots in the University area.  It was really pretty!  After that we just strolled around the downtown area, there was some game going on so the town was pretty much packed, then we went for dinner and dessert (which was of course the BEST part to me).  Okay, enough with my crap, I have to run to some guy's house now to watch a horror DVD called Human Centipede.

Which part of your town that you like the most?
Provide the link if you have it (or I can just Google it).  I always enjoy reading about places that I never been and make plans for my next trip!

Welcome to Princeton University

Introducing my baby brother for the first time in this Blog.  Because we don't look alike, AT ALL, I used to create crazy story about how my parents adopted him when we were little and he would cry like crazy, I was a bully, heheh!
headband & top - thrifted, cardigan & short - UrbanOutfitters, tights - GAP, shoes - Forever 21

I just want to remember that day, that Friday, I got to hear his voice and I hope I did express well that I was doing fine.  Okay, I always broke down at first, but I kept telling myself that it was fine, it was normal, when we care that much for one person.  I'm such a girl!  I'm glad for the person I am, that I'm not the type that would remain in the dark, griefing.  And his voice will always be my favorite sound (:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Losing is tragedy nobody likes to relate

My day was a great fiction.

Explain why?
I sort of digging my own chaos last night, eek!  I went through some stuff he gave me, and some stuff we shared.  I ended up dreaming about him, a long happy dream.  I kept calling him 'Monsieur, Monsieur', and he told me he is not going anywhere this time, he will stay.  I woke up feeling horrible, because none of it was true.  Then I miss him.  I'm wishing for the day where I can just remember him happily.  No more questioning myself, false hope, all the negative feelings.

The storm is with us in the northeast again, the temperature had dropped to below 60 since yesterday.  First snow may fall in the higher terrain of Upstate New York and Northern New England.  It looks like it's the weekend to just chill at home or downtown Princeton.  I love downtown Princeton and I'm so glad that I move to here!

What is your weekend plan? Entertain me!

top & belt - Forever21, trouser & shoes - UrbanOutfitters

Went to this new Japanese cuisine called Mo C Mo C in downtown Princeton.  Their salmon pancake is the best so far!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steal the show and do your best

I'm so in the mood for COAT lately because I can totally feel the season transition, with the breeze and temperature below 70 (it's in the 50s today!).  I'm so ready to see all the leafless trees and brownies / yellowish ground, even some snow! I remember our first snow last year was actually end of October and I was on my way to school.  I really love autumn because it's so unpredictable and full of surprises!  Hurricanes, Indian summer, fog, frost and early snowstorms are the highlights of the season.  Isn't that exciting?  So pretty!

I always adore vintage inspired coats at, they have amazing pieces!  I'm planning to get just two but there are eight that I really like!  I couldn't make up my mind because I'm swooning over all eight.  I feel so silly now, ooh!

Which one do you like best?

Silly much? heheh...

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