Thursday, October 14, 2010

Losing is tragedy nobody likes to relate

My day was a great fiction.

Explain why?
I sort of digging my own chaos last night, eek!  I went through some stuff he gave me, and some stuff we shared.  I ended up dreaming about him, a long happy dream.  I kept calling him 'Monsieur, Monsieur', and he told me he is not going anywhere this time, he will stay.  I woke up feeling horrible, because none of it was true.  Then I miss him.  I'm wishing for the day where I can just remember him happily.  No more questioning myself, false hope, all the negative feelings.

The storm is with us in the northeast again, the temperature had dropped to below 60 since yesterday.  First snow may fall in the higher terrain of Upstate New York and Northern New England.  It looks like it's the weekend to just chill at home or downtown Princeton.  I love downtown Princeton and I'm so glad that I move to here!

What is your weekend plan? Entertain me!

top & belt - Forever21, trouser & shoes - UrbanOutfitters

Went to this new Japanese cuisine called Mo C Mo C in downtown Princeton.  Their salmon pancake is the best so far!


  1. Hey you look lovely! The food looks yummmm.

  2. Hey is that sushi? I LOVE sushi! And it looks really delicious!:)


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  4. I've just eaten sushi once..!
    Losing somebady is so so painfull.. =(

  5. The sushi looks good but what is a (Japanese) salmon pancake? Is it okonomiyaki?

  6. yummoooo ! the food looks delish !

    thanks for the sweet comments !

  7. Hi Sanny!:) wow! the top that you wore, is super cute on you!:) and those pictures of food makes me hungry now!LOL!

  8. oh, I want to try those, they look delicious! love your top and pants. I think I`m gonna spend my whole weekend inside the blanket. It`s so cold!xx

  9. Cute and Comfy today :) love those foods, my weekend has started here already, we have so many parties to go to this week, no kidding, October is my broke month too much birthdays :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog Sanny!
    It's fall over here in the Orange County/
    Los Angeles California area but the weather is just starting to cool down!

  11. you have such sweet style! as usual you look so pretty!

    my weekend plan? not much. watching movies on netflix, and blogging!

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  12. Hey..I hope u feeling better..I know emotions are crazy ..nomatter what ..they will always be there in our life even if we try hard to get over..
    nways..Yay life is gr88 and it keeps on going..
    Ur such a cute adorable lady..
    P>S my weekend plan not to think abt my X and be happy and hab fun with my frens!!

  13. Nice photos! The weather around here has been super chilly hasn't it? I need to get out all my winter jackets I think.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. Aww I'm sorry about all the icky thinking you've been doing! I've been doing it too, but sadly I was the one who was a buttface (well not really...but I broke up w/him because I didn't want to kiss him even though I really liked him and he knows)... XD

  15. that floral print top is so pretty! =)

  16. shopping and college projects:)

    lovely top!

  17. My weekend was spent studying.... the sushi looks amazingly good btw. I'm feeling the cravings now!

  18. aww, sorry about the dream :( keep your head up!


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