Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those moments of bliss

I'm amazed, the fact that I might be the laziest blogger in promoting my blog and the content of my post is not interesting most of the time, I actually have 49 people following my blog.  My heart swells and swells because of you girls and it has been my habit to smile even more just by reading all the sweet comments from you girls!

Well, I better stop before I turn even sappier.  This post is about my last weekend in New York City.  Another reason I love this city is because I could never get bored of it!  The spirit of celebration is so transparent!  Christmas is about four weeks away but I almost believed that it was already Christmas.  And the fact that the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center was not even lit up!  I wish I have a better way in describing it.  Eek, I'm so silly!  Heheh...


Bug and I at the apartment where we stayed.  It is located between Lexington Ave. & 3rd Ave., 31st Street.  So convenient!
The view from the apartment.  It was actually a studio, so cute!  I'm just not so used to tiny space.
Us at SoHo.  We were looking for Tory Burch boutique for the flats that I want.  But I got them the next day at the mall, which offered 30% discount!
I really adore this candid of us.
The Traditional Japanese snack store, its green tea rice cake was so yummy!
Ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center, I was hopelessly wishing to skate, but the place was so packed and I disliked being in long line.
The Christmas tree will be lit up later today, around 8 PM.
Scarf - Lucky Brand, dress - Forever 21, tights - Benetton, coat - Guess, boots - Macy's, bag - Zara


Here are some of the Christmas displays that I adore:
The famous Saks whimsical holiday windows display and its moving snowflakes light!
Do you watch 30 Rock?
Juicy Culture

How excited are you for Christmas?
I smile constantly thinking about the food, giving and getting presents, spending more time with friends and family, more traveling, then New Year!  Life is so good!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's be spontaneous!

10.25 AM
Woke up around half an hour ago then read Shopaholic & Sister for a little bit.  I'm going to wash my hair then toast some bread now.

WeatherBug shows there's possible some snow today.  Hurrah!

10.28 AM
Just checked Weather.com, it only shows possible rains.  Gah!  I only want to believe in WeatherBug for now!

Really have to wash my hair now before change of mind.

11.03 AM
It was actually snowing when I was in the shower.  First snow of the season, on Thanksgiving, and I actually saw it from my bathroom window!

11.41 AM
Just watched an episode of the Golden Girls while having toast bread, then read a blog post from Selective Potential, she is always so cute and positive and inspiring!  I envy her life!

Missed a call from my aunt, she left a message saying that she expected us to go to her place at 1 PM.  I better hurry.

9.12 PM
Home!  But will be heading out again soon for the black Friday sale at the Jersey Shore outlet mall. Hurrah! Will leave in less than an hour and have to pick up a friend.
Food was good, my aunt is an excellent cook.  And my gluten free pumpkin cheesecake from Whole Foods Princeton was so good that I ate 2 big slices!  And after about a year, I finally got to see Bug, my friend's dog, because they are joining us at my aunt's place.  I used to help to look after him when she was not around but my new apartment doesn't allow pets in the building.  And he still remembers me!  He kept on following me around (nobody but me, heheh!), while wiggling his tail.  My heart swells!
Then we watched The King of Persia, in which I fell asleep, and part of The Women until my aunt had to leave to meet her boss.

We are going to NYC tomorrow to stay over at my friend's friend apartment, who is traveling and left her key for my friend to stay as she likes.  Our plan is to visit the rooftop pub at 230 Fifth, then shopping and ice skating at the Rockefeller center the next day.  I'm crossing my fingers, hoping there won't be any cancellation!

5.15 AM
Home!  Just checked some online deals, feeling kind of relief that nothing is quite interesting so I won't bother to buy anything.

Glad that I made it home in one piece, since I was the one who drove.  I think we shopped and walked around for like 5 hours.  Gah!  Have no idea how we even made it.

Better clean up and get ready to sleep.  Will sort stuff out tomorrow.

Some of the things I bought:

Spending of the day:
Shopping $a million
Food $11.75
Total: $a million and 11.75

Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep falling, keep rolling

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250 lbs (or maybe 300 lbs, been eating every hour)

9.30 AM
Woke up from a sweet dream about my mom.  We were vacationing somewhere with nice beaches, probably Bali.  Desperately needing a vacation now.  And I want my mom.

I need a break.

11.37 AM
Been listening to 'Happier' by a Fine Frenzy and 'Horizon' by Rachel Yamagata over and over for like two hours.  Feel totally sick of these songs now.

I need changes, I don't want to go back to that path again and again with the same person.

12.03 PM
A friend just called, asking for brunch.  Have to say no, can't go out with this condition.

2.14 PM
I'm all surprised.  Just cleaned my room, after almost a month.  Moped the floor twice, all shiny now!  This can be a good start, I feel better already.  Just remember I bought a new bed sheet set from Marta Steward the other day.

2.31 PM
Looking good.  Now I can move on to the wall pictures.

3.19 PM
Hurrah!  It looks not bad at all, some of the pictures are from magazines and fashion books, some are the print outs I did months ago.  V. impressed.

3.32 PM
Scanning through the rest of the room.  Eyes catch those photo frames at the corner.  Feeling a little upset.  Gah!  

Okay.  Don't panic.  Just have to quickly print out some happy pictures.

4.22 PM
Photo printer almost running out of color ink.  The color is horrible, but still manage to print out 2 pictures, one of myself, and the other with my mom and sister.  Will hide the rest of the frames until get a new ink.

5.16 PM
Just showered and washed my hair.  Feeling even better already, now craving for sweet stuff!

5.34 PM
My sister just asked if I want to go out for grocery shopping and IHOP.  Couldn't say no, what a perfect call.  Going to get ready now.

5.48 PM
Not so surprise anymore and manage to recover better than before.  I guess part of me just knew that this will happen again.

Say hi to granny Sanny.
Everything Forever 21, except cardigan - thrifted

Total spending of the day: $30 (also v. good), I can do this myself, he is not needed to remind me how much I need to save every week anymore.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good light, good business

111.60 lbs

9.36 AM
Don't panic. It's only an increment of 0.20 lb each day since Monday, does not mean the entire plan to go back to 108 lbs is a failure.  Probably due to lack of nature's call lately (he must be mad at me for complaining so much each time I had to wake up in the middle of the night to answer his call).

12.37 PM
Received an email from the Monsieur, he was supposed to send this person a very important work email about his business, but he emailed it to me instead.  

12.53 PM
Just talked to him about his mistake.

Couldn't help but giggling.  Always enjoy this very rare moment when he makes his little mistake and I get to tell him about it, in which he got to do to me so often due to my clumsiness, and he has to promise that he will be more careful next time.  Heheh!
1.02 PM
Had been dealing with all work related stuff.  Most remain pending and I may have to stay late today.  Gah!

1.17 PM
Now have to deal with a customer in Mexico.  It was so hard to reach him while his employees barely speak English.

3.35 PM
Finally got in touch with the customer.  Will have to wait for another hour for his call back.
4.50 PM
Still hasn't heard back from the customer.  I guess I will have to call him again.

4.55 PM
It was his employee that was on the phone telling me to call back tomorrow at 2 PM.  Gah!

5.03 PM
Received a message from a friend asking why I hardly contact her unless she does it first.  I told her it's because each time I did, I would then want to see her but we hardly made it, and that makes me sad.  Then she apologizes.  Heheh!  I still love her!

5.10 PM
The good thing is now I can leave early and deal with work stuff tomorrow.  Will go to pick up dinner at aunt's and eat at home while watching TV.
9.12 PM
Just watched Community, which I don't like much, and 30 Rock, love it!  It was so funny when Liz tried to get her staff to like her but failed all the way at the end, also the part where the staff found out a spelling website with Jack's voice (which he made for Princeton University and they sold it), was v. funny too!

Now I'm watching The Office.

10.02 PM
Outsourced has just ended.  

Will make a blog post then read blogs before bed, my bedside lamp is all set after 3 attempts of buying the right bulb and the last one was a success!  Hurrah!

Can't wait for Harry Potter tomorrow, I fell asleep in its first 5 movies, only started to enjoy the 6th last year.  I'm also excited because Clemence Poesy is in it!

Total spending of the day: $28 (v. good)
Dress - Twitch Vintage, belt - Anthropologie, tights - Benetton, shoes - Free People

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving, living, everything

10.57 AM
Had a very long dream about my life before the Monsieur, when I was still in school and lived with my cousin, who was bossy and caused a lot of cat fights between us, and having bipolar symptoms at that time.  Glad that it was just a dream and we are in a pretty good term these days.

12.14 PM
Hurrah!  Very proud of self.  Told some friends that I couldn't hang out today, straight to their faces, and ignored any kind of persuasions.

1.31 PM
Just ordered a cooked turkey from Whole Foods online (how convenient) to be picked up on the 24th.  So in the mood for Thanksgiving already, will get eggnog tomorrow.  Hurrah!

2.27 PM
My sister just asked if I would want to go to Ikea with her.  Very tempting.  I could just go and look around, some sort of window shopping.  It shouldn't be that hard not to buy anything, right?  I'm going to say yes then get ready.
Scarf, sweater top & mini dress - Forever 21, shoes - Candela NYC

11.02 PM
Finally home.

So we went to the bank, grocery shopping, had waffles and toasts at IHOP, Ikea, and dinner at the Korean Soft Tofu House.
Not supposed to shop for unnecessities, but couldn't resist buying these stuff, a wall fiberboard picture for just $9.99, alarm clock for just $5.99, and a bedside lamp for just $17.98 (lamp base $7.99, shade $7, and bulb).  I need that alarm clock for morning call, using my cell phone has wasted my phone battery and a bedside lamp is needed for me to read before falling asleep (so I could turn it off easily), therefore I could turn off the bedroom light when I'm off to bed, it's an investment to save electric bill.
Just realized buying the wrong bulb for the lamp.  Don't panic.  Will only need to buy a new one that will fit tomorrow.

Still couldn't figure where to hang that wall picture.  Why did I buy it in the first place?  Gah!

Spending of the day:
Grocery $28.38
IHOP $21
Gas $20
Ikea $37.22
Total: $106.60
That's not all bad, right?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A kit may not fly at night

112.80 lb.

11.29 AM
Got to stick to my diet schedule for not having red meat on weekdays.

Arrived at the office more than half an hour late, but at least my sister's car is up and running now.

12.52 PM
Reading the testimony and stories of Elizabeth Smart that was kidnapped and raped at the age of 14 by a pair of psychopaths for 9 months.  Who would know how many psychopaths are around us and what they will do next and who will be their victims?  

Gah!  Just realized there were many conditions that it might happen to me for being such a careless and clumsy person.  I wish this will never happen to me, people I love, and any of you girls.

1.51 PM
Just reply a work email to my boss.

Continue on reading the testimony of Elizabeth Smart.

Work interruption.  Gah!  Some more work emails to send out.  I'm a dedicated employee.  Teehee!

About Elizabeth Smart testimony.  How sick those people could get?  So the kidnapper referred whatever he had done as 'the work of God', and that she was called by God to be his wife before the second coming of Jesus Christ.  He even told her that she was very lucky and that she was being saved from the world, that she had been called by God.

(Interested in reading more on this story?  Here (Part 1 of her testimony), Here (Part 2), and Here (Part 3)

More work stuff to take care.

5.24 PM
Had dropped my boss' daughter to her art lesson.  It's almost time for home!  Hurrah!

Told the Monsieur about Elizabeth Smart and just remembered how some guy knocked on my car window when I was at the light in an empty street the other day.  The Monsieur had to repeat his words again, that I shouldn't be over friendly to strangers or out in the street by myself late at night.

Bought a mini sofa from a friend's furniture store.  Very cute and only cost me $30.

Much smaller than I expected.  But it matches the color of my living room sofa, can treat it as a nice add on.

7.48 PM
Just done watching the Golden Girls 'Bedtime Story', such an entertaining episode, while eating ramen with egg, talking to the Monsieur, and Blackberry messaging with a friend.  I'll call today my multi tasking day.

9.35 PM
Just found out one of my ex is finally in a relationship again, after we broke up in 2006.  I felt bad the day we broke up because I treated him so bad, and one of our friends told us that he was hurt terribly.  This news made my night even better!  Hurrah!

Total spending of the day: $30.00

I actually got goosebumps while editing these pictures.  My expression and the colors made me feeling like I didn't even recognize myself!
I'm such a forgetful person!  I forgot where I bought my outfit except that sweater top that I received last week from Twitch Vintage, the best vintage clothing store at eBay, ever!  The owner, Robyn, is super nice and fun!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Opinions and onions are not easy to digest

My Saturday recap.

3.14 PM 
111.60 lb. Second week on so called diet.  Weight the same as last week.  At least able to maintain after losing about 3 pounds last week.  See the bright side.  Will have a cup of tea tonight.  

Decided to write a journal, Bridget Jones' style.

Haven't heard back from my friend regarding the Pajama party at her place which she was supposed to confirm with us.  Just told my other friend that it was not worth waiting when someone didn't really want to see us.  We then decided to go shopping at Macy's, dinner, then movie.  Wanting to get an eye liner from Lancome with my $25 Macy's gift card (got it for free from my $45 credit participating in e-rewards.com).  Hurrah!

Gah!  Clicked the wrong button, was supposed to link to Ideeli page, not to unsubscribe.  Placed the following items to my AmEx card.  Hope  this month's Credit Card charge won't exceed my budget.

Each time thinking back about the Monsieur and what happened yesterday at work, feeling a little down.

Just watch a white Christmas episode of the Golden Girls.  Wishing to see some snows now.  Actually was quite disappointed reading the news the other day that there won't be much snow this season.

Going to watch next episode of Golden Girls now (season 2 episode 12, The Sisters).

3.56 PM
Done with 'The Sisters'.  Was wondering if senior in Sicily really talked like Sophia and Angela.  "Picture it.  New York City, December 1953".  That will be super interesting.

Okay, continue on next episode, The Stan who Came to Dinner.

4.23 PM
Just remembered a friend is dating a Sicilian, will it be appropriate if I ask him about the way old Sicilian talk?

Continue on 'The Actor'.  Then will shower, and get ready to go out.

12.35 AM (about that)
Got home.  Shopping was fun!  Been eyeing (found out online) for the goodie bag from Lancome for $49.50 (value up to $300), applying for a Macy's card which means another 20% off! Hurrah!  Split with a friend, which means only paid half.  I got a lipstick, cheek brush, cheek color, lip gloss, eye make up removal, make-up bag, everything full size!  A separate eyebrow pencil and liquid eye liner.  Everything Lancome, everything 20% off!

We went to Olive Garden for a nice meal.  Loving the blackberry lemonade.  Another hurrah!

Ended the night watching Due Date at 10 PM.  Despite its bad review, the movie was hilarious.  We laughed so hard that I almost died.  Hahah!

Okay, was not supposed to spend that much.  Been reading Shopaholic again from my sister's Kindle, in exchange, she is reading Something Borrowed from my iPad.  Really considering a self-help book for saving and managing money now.

My friend who invited us for the Pajama party just texted me, apologizing.  She didn't call because she had a family emergency at her sister's.  She didn't want to lose me and will never not love me, promise will make it up.  Note to self, next time find out first before making further action or judgement.

Stomach ache.  Going to answer nature's call, wash face, read blogs, continue reading Shopaholic then fall asleep.

1 AM
Okay, need to make some tea as promise to self before read blogs and the rest.

After doing so many things why is it only 1 AM?

Gah! Just realize that the daylight saving time has ended.

Total spending of the day: $129.05. Gah! Gah! Gah!
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