Thursday, November 11, 2010

A kit may not fly at night

112.80 lb.

11.29 AM
Got to stick to my diet schedule for not having red meat on weekdays.

Arrived at the office more than half an hour late, but at least my sister's car is up and running now.

12.52 PM
Reading the testimony and stories of Elizabeth Smart that was kidnapped and raped at the age of 14 by a pair of psychopaths for 9 months.  Who would know how many psychopaths are around us and what they will do next and who will be their victims?  

Gah!  Just realized there were many conditions that it might happen to me for being such a careless and clumsy person.  I wish this will never happen to me, people I love, and any of you girls.

1.51 PM
Just reply a work email to my boss.

Continue on reading the testimony of Elizabeth Smart.

Work interruption.  Gah!  Some more work emails to send out.  I'm a dedicated employee.  Teehee!

About Elizabeth Smart testimony.  How sick those people could get?  So the kidnapper referred whatever he had done as 'the work of God', and that she was called by God to be his wife before the second coming of Jesus Christ.  He even told her that she was very lucky and that she was being saved from the world, that she had been called by God.

(Interested in reading more on this story?  Here (Part 1 of her testimony), Here (Part 2), and Here (Part 3)

More work stuff to take care.

5.24 PM
Had dropped my boss' daughter to her art lesson.  It's almost time for home!  Hurrah!

Told the Monsieur about Elizabeth Smart and just remembered how some guy knocked on my car window when I was at the light in an empty street the other day.  The Monsieur had to repeat his words again, that I shouldn't be over friendly to strangers or out in the street by myself late at night.

Bought a mini sofa from a friend's furniture store.  Very cute and only cost me $30.

Much smaller than I expected.  But it matches the color of my living room sofa, can treat it as a nice add on.

7.48 PM
Just done watching the Golden Girls 'Bedtime Story', such an entertaining episode, while eating ramen with egg, talking to the Monsieur, and Blackberry messaging with a friend.  I'll call today my multi tasking day.

9.35 PM
Just found out one of my ex is finally in a relationship again, after we broke up in 2006.  I felt bad the day we broke up because I treated him so bad, and one of our friends told us that he was hurt terribly.  This news made my night even better!  Hurrah!

Total spending of the day: $30.00

I actually got goosebumps while editing these pictures.  My expression and the colors made me feeling like I didn't even recognize myself!
I'm such a forgetful person!  I forgot where I bought my outfit except that sweater top that I received last week from Twitch Vintage, the best vintage clothing store at eBay, ever!  The owner, Robyn, is super nice and fun!


  1. Keep up with your strict diet :) I know how that feels cos it's been hard for me to loose my baby weight too!! :) you're getting there!!!

    Love your new mini sofa, so cute!!!!

  2. Sounds like such a full on day for you! I was so naughty tonight and went and ate hot chips and lollies.. oh well, as long as it's not every day!

    Wow, those images of you are pretty eerie, I think it must be the lighting! x

  3. I love Twitch Vintage too! Great top!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Well this story is terrible! I also walk home alone in the dark and never even think about these kind of men:S

    (Lady Gaga ticket was pricey here too, but I'm glad I went!and she looks kind of like a tranny with all that strange make-up and costumes, but I like it:))

    Like the skirt!

  5. Good luck on your diet!!! :D
    And I was touched with your comment on my blog... =')
    Anyway, the news about Elizabeth is scary and sad... I hope everyone takes precautions in everything they do and everyone they meet.
    And I really like your pics! They're dollish and very adorable! :D

  6. your boots are gorgeous !
    and good luck with the diet :) i know whats it like :/

    glisters and blisters

  7. Hello sanny! I love your boots and skirt. Too lovely!

    Have a nice weekeend!

  8. You crack me up!! I love these posts :) :) And I totally feel way cool when I'm at an art show ;) totally not weird, haha

  9. yowzer.... that Elizabeth Smart Story freaks me out! So much so that I'm going to have to go and read about it hahhahah!
    xo tash

  10. I know there are so many sick people out there I get chills whenever I think about it. I think the worst is when these stuffs happen to children. I can`t even imagine how someone can be capable of such horrible things...

  11. That was a full day!!! I just want to go home after work, and be lazy all day...the story about elizabeth smart is so eerie, people are crazy nowadays

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  13. Hi sanny!
    Lovely outfit! I Love your skirt! xoxo

  14. Thanks for commenting my dear
    Btw you have your own website now!
    how much did u pay for it?


  15. stay struggle for you diet dear..
    love the shoes...

    Closet Test Tube

  16. you look like a procelain doll!! sooo cute :D
    The story of elizabeth smart freaks me a little bit. i ll read it tomorrow morning because i think that i cannot sleep tonight if i read it now! haha

    Your new sofa is gorgeous and in a really good price! i think it fits perfectly to my dream house! :D

  17. This post was very very well written in the way that I could not stop reading it, and wanted more after it was done.

    ~I am too scared to know the rest of Elizabeth Smart's testimonies. I remember hearing a lot about this over my lifetime. . . it is really scary stuff, huh? Makes you shudder.

    ~That little mini sofa is so cute. It makes such a statement. It looks so, "fashionable", I guess--for lack of a better word. What I am trying to say, is that I LOVE it. So great!

    ~Your pictures are a bit haunting. It is a compliment to the range of poses and facial expressions you can make! I kind of have goosebumps too.


  18. i love your sweater!

  19. Arrgghh ! Don't do those dead poses ! I watched a stupid movie called Drop Dead Gorgeous -_- and it freaked me out


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