Monday, February 21, 2011

Some envy others and others don't mind

I know it's just a coincidence, but it still makes me feel like I have just jinxed it.  Earlier today I told one of my friends that finally the snowing day of the season is over.  And bhammm! here comes sudden warning that another snow is coming later tonight, for up to 6 inches.
I'm getting so used to having Louie Louie on my bed when I sleep, that I couldn't sleep well when she is not there with me.  Er... I guess I'm the spoil one here.
Best friend just told me today that he has broken up with his girlfriend.  All he could say to me was that they had too many issues and he didn't feel like working it out anymore.  Then I went to see another friend today for catching up, and all she did was reminding me of the Monsieur.
 Got this head and ears warmer from ASOS, the weather was actually above 40 degrees for the whole week and it just dropped back to 30s today that I finally got to wear it.  It was not so comfortable at first due to my floppy ear.  Hahah...
Head piece - ASOS, jacket - Forever 21, underneath dress - Lucca Couture, shoes - Candela NYC

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Small matters might grow

Hah!  I feel like a criminal for not making a post for more than a week.  This blog has been part of my life for half of 2010.  2011 so far has been the busiest time of my life.  Here are my list of excuses.  Pardon me.

I was offered a part time job at a CPA office.  At first, they wanted me to work twice in the weekdays from 6 to 10 PM, and Saturday 11 to 6 PM.  Now they want me to work every weekday and Saturday.  So basically I work 11 hours per day, except Saturday and Sunday!  The pay is not bad and dinner is provided, since I don't have much accounting background and experience (I got my Master in Information Systems), I think it will be a very good experience for me.  Keep telling myself to hang in there, until April 18, when tax time is over.

  Also feel guilty for Louie Louie, I only get to see her and play a little bit with her in the morning and after work.  Therefore, I bought her this sparkling black dress.  Hahah...

Found the house I really like.  It's a 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half bath townhouse with a garage and basement, and I super adore its wooden exterior and interior.  A little outside my budget but I think it's worth it!  Crossing my fingers so hard now, because I'm so close to the closing deal with the price that I offer.  I will post pictures once it's officially mine.

He is so so so adorable that I wish I could keep him in my pocket, FOREVER!  Get well soon, Mister (:

Cardigan - Bebe, tunic - Urban Outfitters, tights - Benetton, shoes - Tory Burch

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unlike disputes, disasters are not foreseeable

The wind walks in front of us, the swinging skirts are drawing circles
The flowers are jubilant, the fragrance slightly insidious 
He was standing next to the person next me, but our shadows were shoulder-to-shoulder
I stole a glance, to see whether the side of his lips has also formed a smile

Plainly it was something that happened yesterday, but I still think about it today
One tiny bit of memory can be earth-shattering
I really want to ask him a foolish question:
If we continue on like this, where does he think we will end up?

It’s like the four seasons of a year, have been turned into summer because of him
My face is always red and burned, when facing him

Eek, I never felt this silly before!  Met someone new.  He was so awkward but I think it's so adorable.  I just can't help to giggle each time we talked.

We have had 8 snow storms since Christmas.  Can you believe that?  Here are some pictures.  I still think that snow is pretty.  But the mess that it causes, it's so whatever.  They called it the beauty that kills.

Jacket - Forever 21, scarf - Anthropologie, top - Zara, skirt & shoes - Urban Outfitters
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