Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unlike disputes, disasters are not foreseeable

The wind walks in front of us, the swinging skirts are drawing circles
The flowers are jubilant, the fragrance slightly insidious 
He was standing next to the person next me, but our shadows were shoulder-to-shoulder
I stole a glance, to see whether the side of his lips has also formed a smile

Plainly it was something that happened yesterday, but I still think about it today
One tiny bit of memory can be earth-shattering
I really want to ask him a foolish question:
If we continue on like this, where does he think we will end up?

It’s like the four seasons of a year, have been turned into summer because of him
My face is always red and burned, when facing him

Eek, I never felt this silly before!  Met someone new.  He was so awkward but I think it's so adorable.  I just can't help to giggle each time we talked.

We have had 8 snow storms since Christmas.  Can you believe that?  Here are some pictures.  I still think that snow is pretty.  But the mess that it causes, it's so whatever.  They called it the beauty that kills.

Jacket - Forever 21, scarf - Anthropologie, top - Zara, skirt & shoes - Urban Outfitters


  1. whooaa sounds like love is in the air ! It looks super cold there and you're wearing a short skirt !Have a great Chinese New Year!

  2. love your outfit!
    btw, nice blog background :D


  3. We're buried under snow in CT too - you got some awesome photos of it though!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. 8 snow storms?? omg, that's not very nice. I believe everything would break down here if we had so many snow storms. I remember the whole public transport collapsed some days after christmas when we had like 30 centimetres fresh snow - which is ridiculous compared to your place!
    I hope you and your family and friends stay warm and safe!
    Btw you always look so cute, I love the skirt and scarf :)

  5. Yep!! I heard about your snow storm here in midwest!! and we finally got hit too, but I think they said its the last snow this year, so I cant wait to see what spring bring us, I guess its time for you to move to much warmer place?? HAHAHHAHA
    anyway brave girl!! you were wearing skirt and socks?? CRAZY I tell you...even though you look super duper cute, loving your hair down like that

  6. SO ADORABLE! wow, thats a lot of snow storms, I never get the where I live-luckily!!!
    fabulous blog, im following :) xxxx

  7. I love the photos and what a sweet look..the tee seems really really nice!

    P.S: Sorry Sanny, that giveaway is only for my romanian readers, the next one I'm going to hold will be international. I'm going to do it when I will reach 220 followers and I have in mind such beautiful prizes. Will let you know when is up on the blog.:)

  8. We have received so much snow lately. It has been crazy!!! Snow pictures are gorgeous, though. You got some great shots.


  9. @_@ ooooo!! i think i have the same purple scarf as u !!. haha.. for the movie. it was a little bit dreadful in the beginning because it was trying to tell the story in like a disney way.. but once it got into the current time zone, it became better~~ Idk how far along u watched but I def think u can re-watch it on dvd~ it’s a good movie ^^

    xoox hitomineko xoxo

  10. dear...
    how are you? =)
    it's fun when someone makes you laugh right...
    personality matters a lot..
    ohh...hope everything's fine..
    take care dear...

  11. wow, that`s A LOT of snow. Your skirt is so pretty!xx

  12. "the beauty that kills." i love that. you look so cute here, all bundled up with your scarf! and i love the poem, it is so perfect in describing meeting someone new (:

  13. AW THIS IS SO CUTE. It makes me almost like Valentine's season. ALMOST.

    And I love awkward people. THey just make me feel so much less, well, awkward. Hahah.

    You're so cute and I love these pictures. Snow photographs so well. (EVEN THOUGH ITS FREEEZING BURRRR).


  14. that is the best feeling in the world ever!!! try to make it last as long as you can =)
    great photographs, they look like they come straight out of a storybook

  15. Will you help me? Tell me that I have to buy shoes.

  16. Ahhh how sweet, I love the awkward first meetings.

    Love these pictures, very romantic xxx

  17. In love with your looks! Anyway sorry to hear about those storms, wish everything get better soon :)

  18. I love this look, scarf and shoes are great! <3

    I follow you now, check out my blog and follow me if you want ;) Kisses ;*

  19. Hi dear!

    I borrowed one of your photos for an inspiration feature at my blog.
    I hope that's ok?
    You can see it here:


    If it's not okay let me know and I'll remove it from my post.

    Have a lovely day! :)

  20. that a crush I hear of? ;) and lovely snow pictures!


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