Monday, August 30, 2010

New York City, and her

I was supposed to help some guy move to his new apartment yesterday, which was Saturday.  But the nice weather made me bailed out on him (blame it on the weather, blame it on the weather! Just kidding).  Part of it was because I honestly despise the idea of moving and all the mess.  The result was, he didn't really want to speak to me after that.  But in my defense, I never promised I would help, I only said that I'll let him know when the moving day comes.  On the other hand, summer is almost done, which means it's almost time to say goodbye to New York City.
NYC has been part of my life in the summer time.  I went there almost every weekend, with different adventure and people.  Soho was my flavor of the week.  I have this unspeakable obsession towards vintage inspired and design objects, from furniture, home décor, housewares, toys, to fashion (I set my mind for design school after high school but my dad talked me out with his 'no certain future for a design graduate', but I knew he meant 'I paid for your school, so you have no choice but listen to me'.  Just kidding.  It was my own fault, I was just some silly kid who was too lazy to fight for what she really wanted).  And Soho is the heart of all my cravings.

Some of the stores I visited.
CB2 (451 Broadway (between Canal and Grand Street), New York, NY 10013)
Housewares and furniture store.  I got to admit that it is similar to Ikea.  But I like this store, the design, and their products better.  And I got my sand timer from them.

MUJI (455 Broadway (Between Grand and Howard Street), New York, NY 10013)
From housewares, clothings, to stationaries.  Originally from Japan.

MoMA DESIGN STORE (81 Spring Street (at Crosby Street), New York, NY 10012)
What I like about this store is its good selection of design stuff.  From design objects, gifts, jewelry, personal accessories, furniture, to lighting.

Shabby Chic Couture (117 Mercer Street, New York, 10012)
Vintage and custom design for furniture, home décor, and portable lighting by the amazing Rachel Ashwell.  Everything in there are so pretty!  And 3.1 Phillip Lim boutique is right next to it!

TASCHEN (107 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012)
It's basically a one of a kind art, architecture, classics, lifestyle and travel, photography and other design bookstore.
I got this Keel's Simple Diary book in lime green.  It is a journal book with template for lazy people to put down the essence of their day, week, or moment (such as myself).

KIDROBOT (118 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012)
This store is filled with art toys of cartoon characters and apparel.
I really wish to get the Maggie Simpson one.  But I have no choice since it comes in random box where you can't tell which character you are getting.  But Homer Simpson is not bad at all.
Now little buddhas and Mr. mushroom have a new friend.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cupcakes story of Princeton

I'm always in the mood for black stockings in chilly weather.  I can feel that autumn is knocking on my door.  It may sound exaggerating, but I still can't really accept the fact that summer is almost over.  Autumn is pretty, but as much as I love outdoor activities, I still prefer summer.

I've learned my lesson to not post pictures of others unless they agree to it.  So here is my sister, agreeing to make an appearance here, with her new high-waist sailor short from Lucca Couture

Another reason to like my new apartment is its location, which is around Princeton area.  Thrift stores, frozen yogurt, many choice of restaurants, old buildings, too many to mention, are all over this town.  My current favorite is this cupcakes store called House of Cupcakes.  I really like their different flavors of cupcakes.

I bought half a dozen of these cupcakes home.  My choices of flavors this time are Boston Creme, Coconut Snowball, Oreo, Crème brûlée, Kahlua & Coffee, and German Chocolate.

If anyone who ever comes across this blog and with a plan to visit Princeton, NJ.  I would recommend a visit to this store.  Here is their address: 30 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08542.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Macaroons love her

Does anyone think that a box of 12 assorted really good home made French macaroons cost $23 is too much?

So I got this really good French macaroons from Sucré for this particular person.  Apparently, he is more concerned about the way I spend money than enjoying these.  Well, I was just trying to bring up the mood for his coming Birthday.  And that I really do care for him.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sculpture appreciation day

It may be hard to even consider New Jersey as an interesting state, though I'm grateful that I live less than an hour away from NYC, but there are always things to pay a little more attention to and think 'Hmm.. You can't really see or find this kind of stuff in a big city'.

Hamilton, NJ.  So my friends and I have been passing by and hanging out around this area now and then.  This little town is surrounded by many life size to giant sculptures all over the town, hundreds in number if I'm not wrong, which is named Grounds for Sculptures.  They were excellently done by the talented J. Seward Johnson.  We never really paid attention to them, except myself having the needs to mention about them when we passed each of the sculpture.  But I got to admit that they do a little creep me out at night, when I drove by myself.  The fact that they look so real at night.

For anyone who ever comes across this blog and have any future plan to visit NJ, this could be an interesting place.  And here is the actual address: 126 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619.

Here are some that I regularly pass by:
Summer Thinking

First Ride


And my favorite, the giant sailor nurse romance from the World War II
Last night we decided to stop by and took a picture.  See how gigantic they are?

Friday Mayday
No, I don't know why my Friday had anything to do with Mayday.  It was just my arbitrary.  I always complained how I lack of clothes.  But each time I pay more focus and attention to my closet, I always find things that are still in really good condition, and I actually like, but haven't worn for 6 months, or more.  Just like these tunic, acid wash shorts, peep toe, and that dress below.

Blossom Saturday
It was a blossom Saturday because of my flowery dress and I noticed a lot of greens yesterday.  There's this little park with sliders and swingers just a minute away from my apartment.  Each time I passed by, I always scanned if they were free from little kids, so I could stop by.  I just love swinger, with my ice cream!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Keep shining, East Coast

I got this vintage dress for I believe a year or more ago.  I won from an eBay store bidding but couldn't recall which store, I believe it's either Twitch Vintage or Rock Paper Vintage.  Wore it once when I traveled abroad September 2009.  Yesterday was my second time wearing it, and my friend said it looks frenchie.  I realized I still have quite many unworn clothes in my closet.

<Have to take down pictures of watches, the owner doesn't like his belonging to be 'exposed' online>

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Red Tuesday

Another acceptable thing about my current job is that I'm allowed to dress up casually, to be in my most summer mood.  Sunny and light.  It feels like I could jump and walk around, all day.  Summer is a month left, why not make the most out of it?

Since I've been trying to have my own savings, I try to dine at home during weekdays.  It is hard, and boring.  The fact that cooking is obviously what I'm not good at, or something that I'm interested in.  My family do the cooking most of the time, but when they are not around, I pretty much suffer with my limited choice of home meal.  So I try to change my dinner mood by spicing up my surrounding.  I've proven that you can create you own little 'Eat, Pray, Love' moment at home.  Sit by the window, make sure that it's open to feel the wind, play your favorite TV show or movie, don't forget a blanket so sit on.  The iPad was there simply because I needed to charge the battery.  I have huge space in the living room connected to the balcony, but I just felt like eating in my room this evening.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Story of a chilly weekend

Never big with heels, it's either they hate me or I was just not born to wear them (always wondering how those girls walk around in out-of-mind-inches heels for miles).  Either way, they are just my excuses.  But these 2 inches wedges from Naturalizer are exception.  Light and comfortable.  But still, I got them for about a month already and only wore them once.

The Expendables and Eat, Pray, Love.  Not disappointed but just dissatisfied.  The Expendables, both Sylverster Stallone (who happened to direct and write the screenplay) and the production crew, and Sylverster Stallone and the other actors, I believe they can do much better.  Everything was too blurry, storyline and character wise.  Eat Play Love, the sceneries were spectacular.  Never been to Italy nor India.  But I missed Bali terribly, then.  I just didn't get or feel how she really got back on her feet after those trips (well, and find love again).  Maybe I should consider reading the actual novel.

I love my Amore oversize flowery cotton t-shirt (intentionally bought it in size L).  Chilly days made me realize that summer is really going to be over soon, in a month or so.  I always love beaches in summer time.  Beach towel, sound of wave, clean sand, clear blue sky, iPad, and sushi were my today's paradise.

Something borrowed
My first e-book since I got my iPad.  I haven't been reading for a long time.  I was searching for something light, and entertaining.  Emily Giffin got pretty good reviews on her ChicLit series and this was the first of her 'something ...' series.  I have only read up to the second chapter.  So far so good.  It's about two girls who happened to be best friends ever since high school.  So this Rachel girl had all these envious toward her best friend, Darcy, in a good way (this book was based on her point of view, though).  She described Darcy as the girl who 'had it all' type.  And on her just turn 30th birthday (still single and hasn't found the job she really likes), she accidentally slept with Darcy's fiancé, Dexter.  FYI, it is on the big screen production now, and to be aired in 2011.  Kate Hudson (Bride Wars) will play Darcy and Ginnifer Goodwin (He's Just Not That Into You) will play Rachel.  John Krasinski (The Office) will play Ethan (Rachel's puppy love who Darcy dated for two weeks).  We'll see how it turns out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you for being a friend

I love this 1980s show so much, and so so so so adore all of the four characters, so I'm watching it again for the second time.  It's about 4 women living under the same roof, and the setting was also in the 80s.
Now I get why this show was so popular and how all of them won the Emmy Award throughout the series' entire run. Because it is not typical! Most of these days' TV shows are only interesting in the first or second runs, but the storyline is just plain and it gets old after that. But Golden Girls is simply outstanding, with different conflicts in each episode that could just tangle with one another in a sweet way. The synical mother daughter, Sophia (Estelle Getty) and Dorothy (Bea Arthur), the naive Rose (Betty White, she is the only one that is still alive as of today!), who always cracked me up each time she told the story of her hometown, St. Olaf and how the rest responded to her story, and the bold and naughty Blanche (Rue McClanahan), cute southern accent and was so used to talk about her sex life, and how she seduced men and never admitted that she was in her 50s (she tent to refer herself as 'woman in her 40s' and the rest of the girls as 'old people').  Estelle (who played Dorothy's mom) was actually younger than Bea and Betty in real life.

Despite the lightness in its storyline and setting, I could never get enough of these girls!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The eccentric Goddess

I was never really a fan of eccentric. But Ms. Nagi Noda here is an exception, she has this gifted tallent in art, which is also breathtaking. Her piece was always one of a kind.  And it seems to happen often, extraordinary talented human being has shorter life, she left without her piece in September 7, 2008, in the age of 35.

Some of her masterpiece:
The hair hats

The broken label

My all time favorite, Sid Vicious tomb cake at the Horror Cafe!
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