Friday, August 20, 2010

Keep shining, East Coast

I got this vintage dress for I believe a year or more ago.  I won from an eBay store bidding but couldn't recall which store, I believe it's either Twitch Vintage or Rock Paper Vintage.  Wore it once when I traveled abroad September 2009.  Yesterday was my second time wearing it, and my friend said it looks frenchie.  I realized I still have quite many unworn clothes in my closet.

<Have to take down pictures of watches, the owner doesn't like his belonging to be 'exposed' online>


  1. the longines watch is such a timeless piece !
    i like the big size too !

  2. Thanks, guys! That particular person owns those watches for almost a decade now. So they are pretty much vintage for me ((:


I can't help it but smile smile smile :D
So, thank you!

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