Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sculpture appreciation day

It may be hard to even consider New Jersey as an interesting state, though I'm grateful that I live less than an hour away from NYC, but there are always things to pay a little more attention to and think 'Hmm.. You can't really see or find this kind of stuff in a big city'.

Hamilton, NJ.  So my friends and I have been passing by and hanging out around this area now and then.  This little town is surrounded by many life size to giant sculptures all over the town, hundreds in number if I'm not wrong, which is named Grounds for Sculptures.  They were excellently done by the talented J. Seward Johnson.  We never really paid attention to them, except myself having the needs to mention about them when we passed each of the sculpture.  But I got to admit that they do a little creep me out at night, when I drove by myself.  The fact that they look so real at night.

For anyone who ever comes across this blog and have any future plan to visit NJ, this could be an interesting place.  And here is the actual address: 126 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619.

Here are some that I regularly pass by:
Summer Thinking

First Ride


And my favorite, the giant sailor nurse romance from the World War II
Last night we decided to stop by and took a picture.  See how gigantic they are?

Friday Mayday
No, I don't know why my Friday had anything to do with Mayday.  It was just my arbitrary.  I always complained how I lack of clothes.  But each time I pay more focus and attention to my closet, I always find things that are still in really good condition, and I actually like, but haven't worn for 6 months, or more.  Just like these tunic, acid wash shorts, peep toe, and that dress below.

Blossom Saturday
It was a blossom Saturday because of my flowery dress and I noticed a lot of greens yesterday.  There's this little park with sliders and swingers just a minute away from my apartment.  Each time I passed by, I always scanned if they were free from little kids, so I could stop by.  I just love swinger, with my ice cream!


  1. I love your little floral dress, and most of the statues. Some of them are a little creepy.

  2. lovely dress! and the statues are amazing.xx


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