Monday, November 8, 2010

Opinions and onions are not easy to digest

My Saturday recap.

3.14 PM 
111.60 lb. Second week on so called diet.  Weight the same as last week.  At least able to maintain after losing about 3 pounds last week.  See the bright side.  Will have a cup of tea tonight.  

Decided to write a journal, Bridget Jones' style.

Haven't heard back from my friend regarding the Pajama party at her place which she was supposed to confirm with us.  Just told my other friend that it was not worth waiting when someone didn't really want to see us.  We then decided to go shopping at Macy's, dinner, then movie.  Wanting to get an eye liner from Lancome with my $25 Macy's gift card (got it for free from my $45 credit participating in  Hurrah!

Gah!  Clicked the wrong button, was supposed to link to Ideeli page, not to unsubscribe.  Placed the following items to my AmEx card.  Hope  this month's Credit Card charge won't exceed my budget.

Each time thinking back about the Monsieur and what happened yesterday at work, feeling a little down.

Just watch a white Christmas episode of the Golden Girls.  Wishing to see some snows now.  Actually was quite disappointed reading the news the other day that there won't be much snow this season.

Going to watch next episode of Golden Girls now (season 2 episode 12, The Sisters).

3.56 PM
Done with 'The Sisters'.  Was wondering if senior in Sicily really talked like Sophia and Angela.  "Picture it.  New York City, December 1953".  That will be super interesting.

Okay, continue on next episode, The Stan who Came to Dinner.

4.23 PM
Just remembered a friend is dating a Sicilian, will it be appropriate if I ask him about the way old Sicilian talk?

Continue on 'The Actor'.  Then will shower, and get ready to go out.

12.35 AM (about that)
Got home.  Shopping was fun!  Been eyeing (found out online) for the goodie bag from Lancome for $49.50 (value up to $300), applying for a Macy's card which means another 20% off! Hurrah!  Split with a friend, which means only paid half.  I got a lipstick, cheek brush, cheek color, lip gloss, eye make up removal, make-up bag, everything full size!  A separate eyebrow pencil and liquid eye liner.  Everything Lancome, everything 20% off!

We went to Olive Garden for a nice meal.  Loving the blackberry lemonade.  Another hurrah!

Ended the night watching Due Date at 10 PM.  Despite its bad review, the movie was hilarious.  We laughed so hard that I almost died.  Hahah!

Okay, was not supposed to spend that much.  Been reading Shopaholic again from my sister's Kindle, in exchange, she is reading Something Borrowed from my iPad.  Really considering a self-help book for saving and managing money now.

My friend who invited us for the Pajama party just texted me, apologizing.  She didn't call because she had a family emergency at her sister's.  She didn't want to lose me and will never not love me, promise will make it up.  Note to self, next time find out first before making further action or judgement.

Stomach ache.  Going to answer nature's call, wash face, read blogs, continue reading Shopaholic then fall asleep.

1 AM
Okay, need to make some tea as promise to self before read blogs and the rest.

After doing so many things why is it only 1 AM?

Gah! Just realize that the daylight saving time has ended.

Total spending of the day: $129.05. Gah! Gah! Gah!


  1. tsk tsk tsk... that's one month salary for many Indonesians . Don't buy a book on saving money, that's an oxymoron, just read the cheapskate guide :

  2. What cute photos!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Glad you liked the Omen

  3. cute photos hun! and wow you got everythin you wanted, and its discounted! ohyaaaaaaaay!!! ^^,
    ive been thinkin of buying a kindle too. but im too poor for it. it would have been so useful especially i love reading. some said it is so cool and it doesnt even hurt the eyes. its like youre just reading from the book! ohyay! glad, you had a great day hun!


  4. lovely!! My favorite is the 2nd blue dress :)

  5. ohh no..
    the pajama party didn't happen..
    but it's okay since she wants to make up for it..hehe
    sanny, your sweater is so stripes..
    and the picture at the top, i love the dress..
    CUTE!! <33

    anyway, have a great day too!
    take care..


  6. Losing weight is a hard task to stick to, so good on you for keeping to the same weight!

    Love the skirt and dress, sooo cute! great purchases xx

  7. This style of post is so fun!! and YAOW thats a lot of moola for one day, ha ha. But I will probably do the same thing this weekend XD

  8. Love this post, so unique and intricate
    <3 discount at the mall lol

  9. Omg, you shopaholic! I'm saving up for christmas-shopping :D

  10. this was hilarious! You are way good at writing like her :)

  11. Love your outfit. Those tights are amazing. You look great. And I am so loving that skirt in your first picture.

  12. lovely outfit, I like the 3rd lace dress you picked out too, and $129... hmmm not bad lol! could have been worse!

  13. you look so adorable! and i am in love with the skirt!

  14. Love this post!! & the outfits are great :)

  15. great diary post :)and I love Golden Girls too lol thanks for stopping by & your sweet comment, keep in touch!

  16. super cute!!!
    nice shopping!!!
    and onions is really hard to digest!! ashahahha

  17. nice skirt and beret and I love your sweater and shorts!xx

  18. one tip on how to save money? open a savings account, set aside an amount each month and forget that it's there...:D only spend what's in your hand...never from your bank.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  19. I love the way you write!
    and the confessions of a shopaholic is one of my favourite books:) and she has the same name as me:)

  20. that cardigan is just adorable! =)

  21. aw you look fine to me! no need to lose any weight! and it looks like you went on a little shopping spree, those are always fun :)

  22. VERY CUTE!! can't wait for more of your outfit posts with the new items you have bought :)

  23. I like the first skirt!xx


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