Friday, November 5, 2010

We got used to us

My heart was pounding so fast when I read an email on Wednesday from Jackie from Style Forecasts (check her out, she is utterly fabulous!).  I won a blog giveaway for the first time, so excited! Heheh!
That's the thing about me is, when I'm bothered, I lose my appetite.   I was reminded today how the Monsieur and I ended things most of the time, the major reason was his stubbornness, which sometimes could be really hurtful.  And this time, although it had nothing to do about us, it still affected me.  Some customers could really be pain in the neck but what can we do about it?  I choose to remain professional and avoid all the stupidity acts, don't take them over seriously,  and stick to our job commitment.  But not to the Monsieur, he had to go against them when they got on his nerves.  I reminded him, even begging him today to not take any silly action to something that is not worth at all and may cause harm to himself.  But being him means to listen to nobody but his own angry head.  I figure that's the imperfection side of him.  I lost appetite at dinner just by thinking about the damage.  Good thing is, it's weekend already!  YAY!
 Had to spend 2 hours with this new guy, who couldn't stop talking about financial and tax related stuff with whole lots of questions.  Well, I do enjoy talking about those more serious stuff but not for straight 2 hours!  I even reminded him that I wanted to go home and he didn't seem to get it.  How unconscious some people can be?  Now I even prefer the awkward guy who works at the bank, at least his awkwardness left me time to enjoy my surrounding.
My friend and I are invited to another friend's house for some Pajama party tomorrow because she got the house all to herself this weekend.
Any big weekend plan?
I'm going to watch Omen (1976) now, it better be good!  Such a long week!


  1. The Omen is a great movie - very cheesy and scary - enjoy!!!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Have fun at your PJ movie night, that sounds fun! And relaaax this w/e :)

  3. Look at that jacket! Gorgeous and so my style!

  4. Cute outfit and love that sweater/jacket, I just cant get enough off all those patterns sweater/jacket

  5. aw love your blog!

  6. you look great! nice blog, hope you'll become a follower of my blog too?

  7. Congrats for the giveaway winning! and yeah, it`s not worth consuming our energy and getting angry with jerks lol.

    p.s I just watched Speedy scandal, Two faces of my girlfriend and The beast and the beauty. They were all hilarious. I just love Korean comedies lol.xx

  8. Congratulations!!! on winning :) I have only won one blog give away but it is a great feeling. I love your outfit love those shoes :)

  9. Aweee congrats!!~ that's such a nice surprise, yeah? :D your skirt is very cute, especially with the shoes.

  10. thanks a lot! I like the skirt and the shoes!

  11. lucky girl you won!!!! :D:D:D love your jacket!

    i have to tell you that boys stares at me with curiosity how my hair manage to have so much volume! hahahah


  12. Congrats on winning that giveaway, that's awesome :) And oohhh I love pajama parties, hope you have fun xx

  13. wow that jacket! i like it :) i could wear it anytime. very chic yet so simple. love the outfit! i agree too about losing appetite when were bothered. i am like that too. i skip meals when im bothered.

    Missy S The Thrifty wishful-Fashionista

  14. lol...i can imagine it might be an awkward night.. ;p
    anyway, i love your jacket..
    cant wait for your post about the pajama party..
    hope you had fun =)

  15. I love your jacket. It is so adorable.

    I hope you had fun at the pajama party. :-)

    And congrats on winning the blog contest!

  16. lol about spending 2 hours talking about finance, i think that would drive me nuts, 20 min is more than enough with that stuff!!

  17. oh sanny, how ive missed you!

    that coat is absolutely amazing. and congrats on your giveaway win!

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  18. Oh! Thank u a lot for cooment on my blog, thanks thanks thanks :)
    Your jacket is fantastic, and you really looks lovely :)


  19. nice photo of you darling...



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