Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mark Darcy kind

Such a long day.  Was by myself at the office, the other guy had a day off for his cat spaying operation, the rest of the people went to Las Vegas for a show that our company participated.  Was freaked out a little due to enormous calls from customers for technical issues, in which I don't have much knowledge in that area.  I guess because today was the election day, people had more free time.  Some customers had been quite harsh, it hurt me.  Kept telling myself to stay positive, not the end of life, it will be better tomorrow!
How was your day?  It had to be better than mine (:
Missing the Monsieur, terribly.  He used to be there to tell me that it will be fine, we will work it out together, and there was nothing for me to worry.  I really need to be brave and depend on myself only.  I can't even share it with my family or friends.  I guess when someone got their way to our life, and we are so used to have that person around, it's going to take some time to get used to life without that person.
It's November already, how fast!  I remembered typing how I love the red leaves when October started, now most of them have turned brownish already.  November is great as well, I always love the holiday months which are November and December!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Year.  Can't wait to stuff myself with wonderful meals, presents, celebrations, and the snow!  Who doesn't love that?  But I really have to save up starting now, which seems a little too late.  The weather has dropped to below 50 during daylight and below 40 at night, sometimes 30, these few days, which is a good reason to stay at home more.
I already got some old unwatched movies on my list.  Definitely will get Heathers and Amélie due to their outstanding reviews.  Any recommendations?  I'm almost done reading 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason', and I'm kind of sad because I will miss reading about Bridget and Mark.  I used to read and watch Bridget Jones' Diary over and over, but the second movie disappointed me, so I didn't read the book.  But decided to read the book now as part of my staying at home plan.  Which turns out even better and more hilarious than the first book.  Couldn't help but giggling  most of the time because of the comical Bridget, and loving Mark Darcy character all over again!  Colin Firth is definitely Mark Darcy!  You know, the type of guy with mature and calm kind of charm.  So dreamy.  Heheh! I'm such a girl!
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters, dress - Forever 21, scarf - Anthropologie, tights - Benetton, shoes - Free People


  1. AWW! Sanny, you're so cute! I like that scarf a lot! Your outfits never fail to make me smile.

    Hey, hope you'll have a better day tomorrow! ;)

  2. Adorable outfit as usual (:
    Haha don't judge a book by its movie. That's why I always watch movie before I read the book.

    lotsa love (and ice cream!)

  3. Sorry you've had a bad time - but don't worry, things will improve and you look fashionable as always!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I love your cardigan sanny.

    Have a nice day.

  5. hi dear...
    thanks for the sweet comment..
    made me feel a lot better.. =)
    you look so cute in that outfit..
    and the new scarf you bought recently looks so good on you..
    very pretty..love purple!

    take care pretty...

  6. Such a cute look!! I love the purple scarf :) And I hate when books end, I always miss the characters!

  7. You look so adorable! I love your cardigan xx


  8. Your outfit is adorable. I love your scarf and flats.

    I had the day off from work yesterday. :-) But today seems to be passing so slowly here in the office. :-(

  9. Your outfit is lovely :) Love that cardigan x

  10. Really cute outfit. Love your dress.


  11. lovely scarf! i hope your day improves for tomorrow! x

  12. aww I like the scarf you are wearing, the sweater also looks quite preppy and chic with the white trim :)

  13. Adorable..love ur cardigan..Sorry abt ur day,,hope u feel better!!

  14. Amelie is very very sweet ! I love it :D Audrey Tautou also played in a movie called Priceless. Very sweet and funny too.
    I love your scarf, can't imagine wearing one in Jakarta though.

  15. Hiya Sanny,
    Sorry baru sempet berkunjung, lovely outfit, love you dress

  16. you have a new header!!! like like!!!!
    Terrible ppl...how can be somebody harsh with you? you are soooo cute!!
    nice dress, nice scarf, nice cardigan....nice everything!!! :D:D:D:D:D:



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