Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let the ghost gasp

My day was Priceless.

Explain why?
That is also one of my uncountable reasons to love life, its surprises each day, both good and bad!
1. I was supposed to attend a Halloween party as a friend's but bailed because I found out the crowd would be enormous and a lot of drinking would involve.  Not my thing, I just don't enjoy any kind of craze like that.  Went for a stroll and good meal in Korean Town instead, loving the Manhattan view across the river.  How would I know a change of plan could turn out to be much better!
2. Was supposed to take 'darker' pictures but I didn't know how to express 'dark' expressions.  Smiling is my thing and I've been doing it too often my whole life.  Now I know how I'm labelled as the cheerful one (:
3. Wondering about the amount of 'friendliness' I should put in each interaction with others, especially guys.  I only met some people for few times, hang out with few of them for a bit, just being friendly, you know.. Now another one came to me expressing how they wanted to try to be 'more than friend'.  How disappointing.  I'm losing more and more guy friends!
4.  I lost 3 pounds in a week with my fruity smoothie and white meat only diet. Yay!

I'm going for a hayride now!

What did you do on Halloween? Did you get to wear a costume?

Jacket & tights - Anthropologie, mini dress - Macy's, shoes - forgot

Manhattan view from Ford Lee, NJ

It was my brother's birthday.  My sister and I did a little messy singing as a present.  Because he likes Taylor Swift and black horse, we sang Taylor's 'white horse' as 'black horse' to him.  I was actually saying 'beloved brother' but I didn't know how it sounded 'blood brother' in the video.  Heheh, so silly!  Do you think I sound like A MAN?


  1. Great photos - I love the red sweater, it's such a bold fall color!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Oooh I like your outfit!!! Ad ooh, stinks when guys you like as friends want to be more :/

    And it was actually pretty easy, I peeled the skin and then just dug in a bit deeper so it wouldnt go all the way though

  3. Hey Sanny!!! :D Looks like everything went great! Life is indeed funny. When you miss out on something, it truly has a purpose because it gets better afterwards! :D

    WOW. 3lbs in 1 week! I think I'll be needing that! Haha!
    Well, stay cheerful!!!

    I will still keep in touch! <3

    Btw, the vid's in private mode. :(

  4. sanny, amazing pictures. =)
    how lovely to see you very cheerful and happy all the time..
    hehe anyway, happy birthday to your brother..
    ohh and yes it's hard when you like to be friend with some guy but then they tried to be more..
    it kinda sucks...

    take care dear.. <33

  5. hi Sanny. it's been ages since the last time i visit your blog because of my internet connection. Thanks God it's over now, i got new modem :)

    your photos are superb, i especially like the first ones. the view is really nice. wish i can be there one day.

    about halloween, it doesn't attract much attention here in Indonesia but i really want wear witch costume someday :)

    Natalie's-the blog

  6. Hello sanny! I miss your post. Haha :D
    You look pretty in here. Adorable outfit!

  7. Your outfit is so cute.

    I didn't dress up this year and made not special plans. I'm staying home rather often right now because I'm trying to save some money.

    This weekend I watched a lot of scary movies. I did venture out and get a haircut but other than that I just waited for all of the trick or treaters to show up so I could pass out treats.

  8. oh I like your red jacket!! you are adorable. I didn't dress up for halloween this year cuz ottawa fashion week was the same weekend, I was kind of sad!

  9. You look lovely! Beautiful colors!
    I don't celebrate Halloween.

    Gonna follow your blog, would be very happy if you choose to follow mine!


  10. I will try to follow later because I keep getting an error:(

  11. your pics are so cute and the vid is so fun! i say smile if that's waht you're like, those will be the best pics!!

    and p.s. german food is amazing!!

  12. Awe! Congrats on the 3 pounds. :D Well, I'm glad your weekend turned out better than it was going to be. I hate when people have drinking parties.. how is that even fun? :( I like getting sugar rushes instead, hahahaha! :) <3 You are so so cute, and I love those shoes and your red jacket!

    By the way, I'm going to follow you now!~ you're so adorable. :DD

  13. you look so great in red! as for halloween, I was prince (the artist formally known as) but I need to stop being lazy and make a halloween post!


  14. All these photos are so sweet!

    Bek xx

  15. i'm mostly smiling in my photos's only the boyf/photographer who asks me to look serious in the photos..for a little drama..hehehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. i really love this colorful outfit!!
    it is super cute!! as also you are!!!
    i really love it!!!! super nice!!

    stay syriously tuned:

  17. love your colorful look. I didn`t celebrate Halloween either, just food and movies.xx

  18. Cute outfit, I love the colours! I think it´s really sweet that you and your sister sang for your brother!

  19. cute photoshoot, love the pictures! and i love that you paired red and orange together. love your shoes too!

  20. you look adorable in these classic autumn colors! i love your bright smile in all of your photos. and you're right, sometimes a change in plans can make all the difference between an okay night and a great night. :)

  21. i lovedd this outfit post dear !
    and ur diet planned worked ! i did a little detox too to fit into my black

    glisters and blisters

  22. Nice outfit Sanny !thanks for your lovely comments !have a nice weekend !
    xoxo <3

  23. you are very happy girl! I like your spirit! you always smile!

    my name's martina and I would like you follow my blog!I wait you and your suggestions!kiss kiss ^^

  24. i've been wanting to try out having bangs, you wear it so well! hopefully, i will be able to pull it off gracefully just as you do :)


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