Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How 'now' rhymes with 'wow'

My day was a snapshot.

Explain why?
Wrapping up most of my work loads, had a super brief lunch, and I felt good!  That's also another great thing about my job, the busyness is not constant, so there's always a day to relax, a fun busy day, everyday is different!  And my boss just dropped me a news that got me all excited already!  I'm getting a new office room all to myself!  I'd been eyeing that one unoccupied room with new furnitures since the business partner left, and it will be mine by December because my boss will be traveling the whole November.  Yay to me, I'm such a lucky girl!

A very overrated virtue:
The  service and maintenance fee for my Hybrid car.  Okay, it has super awesome mileage, but I have to spend almost $200 each time.  My baby is spoiled!  But I couldn't skip it because I don't want any risk since I travel a lot with that car.
The Monsieur always got his way to make my day even better.  The fact that he was all concerned about the disasters (volcano and tsunami) that hit my home country (Indonesia) recently, made me smile smile smile.  Indonesia has 18,306 islands, and my family happen to live in one with less such life threatening disasters.  Just some floods during heavy raining days and little earthquakes.
My favorite tree just across the street from my apartment.


  1. I love that you have a Hybrid! Is it a smooth ride? I hope that your family is safe and sound in Indonesia! The rest of my family is in the Philippines.

    The last photo of you with the tree is so cute! I love the fall colors. :)

  2. sanny..your skirt is so cute.
    omg that tree is so beautiful. love your pictures. <33

  3. That tree is amazing - I wish I could see stuff like that outside my window!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. ahhh I love this outfit! The skirt is so gorgeous on you xx

  5. oooh nice outfit i love it!!
    the Tree is GORGEOUS!!
    lucky girl!! ;)

    please visit and also following me back:


  6. Congrats on the new office, that is so exciting!!!

  7. Such a lovely outfit! You made an great combination!

  8. Oh I didn't know you have a blog too. I love your photos, you look very cute! I'm a follower now :) And thank you so much for your nice comment!

  9. You look so cute! I love your little skirt!

  10. Sanny :)
    Great outfit! Love your floral skirt.

  11. you look lovely in these pics. I`m glad that your family is ok and that you got a new office room!

    p.s I haven`t seen piranha. Is it good? xx

  12. I just love your clothes. That floral skirt is adorable.

  13. Great photos! I love them! Congrats on getting a new office space! Yay!

    Best wishes,


  14. Sanny, thanks for commenting on my blog, I love your blog, it have so many thoughts, I'm from indonesia too, been here for 6 years, lupa indonesia gara2 ngga banyak orang indo disini, jd agak2 berantakan indo nya hahah

    So glad to find another indonesian blogger

    Now following


  15. that's some awesome tree ! traffic was really crazy several days ago, luckily you were not here.

  16. love the boots!

    congrats for getting a new office!

  17. i love the floral skirt! =)

  18. love your look, especially the skirt. The print is very beautiful and romantic

  19. awww love your dotted skirt!! you are so adorable

  20. Wow, congrats for the news! The tree's color is so adorable! ;D

    I love your blog (and how cheerful you are, LOL)! *thumbs up* Following you now!

    Castor Pollux

  21. you look sooo cuteee!!!
    congratulations about your new office!!!
    i really like your shoes...and your favourite tree! It has lovely autumn colours!


  22. Love your outfit and these photos are great!! Happy Halloween!!

  23. Your floral skirt is so cute, and I lov ethat cardigan as well! :) Super pretty tree. *steals your pretty tree from you* mewhehehehe<3

  24. Oh, thank you very much for comment on my blog :)
    Sorry me for answer two weeks later, but I didn't have any time those weeks... S:
    Your skirt is fantastic... I love it :)



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