Monday, October 25, 2010

Potato, potahto, we like French fries

First of all, I'm pretty much satisfied with Paranormal Activity 2.  As much as I like the first one, this sequel is even better!  It's still not scary at all to watch (just like the first one), but I could imagine how spooky it would be to really experience it.  Overall, it was very entertaining!  Not going to spoil anything, so just go and watch it yourself.  As for Hereafter, I was disappointed.  I expected much more from the movie but it was just mediocre.  But the French lady and the tsunami scene helped a little bit, though.

I was supposed to go to New York City on Sunday with a friend.  For some reason, the GPS got us to different direction and we ended up missing the exit (for like three times), we couldn't stop laughing for all the silliness.  Then we decided to just go to a mall called Short Hills.  This mall is filled with branded stuff like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Verragamo, etc.  So my big sister wanted me to check out some of the Chanel bags before she makes a purchase.  I always love her for making me her 'almost' personal shopper.  The bright side is, this mall also have my favorite affordable brands such as Anthropologie and United Colors of Benetton.

Here I introduce my food hunting partner (and part time shopping partner).  We always went crazy for food and didn't mind driving for hours just for food.

I got these mustard tights from Anthropologie for $12.50, and the black and maroon ones are from Benetton for $14.50 each.

I also got this belt from Anthropologie for $19.99,

A sweater dress from Anthropologie for $168 (a little pricey, but I really like it and it's super warm!).

Lastly, a scarf, also from Anthropologie, for $38.  Because they didn't have this color in store, I will have to wait for them to ship it to me.

We ended our night dining at the famous So Kong Dong Korean Restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ (which is located right across Manhattan, New York, separated by the Hudson River).  And their ribs and seafood tofu soup are so far the BEST!

I made these sweet Strawberry Parfait on Saturday for the first time (so glad that nothing or nobody was hurt during my operation).  A little too sweet but I know I'll do better next time!  I challenged my sister for a whole week of smoothie and other healthy body detox food starting this Monday and she took it.  I was inspired after reading a smoothie making post by the lovely Alina from Provocative Couture (check her out, she is fantastic!)  Wish us luck! 

I feel bad somehow about my spendings.  I haven't been saving the amount of money I'm supposed to, have to be more committed starting next month!  The Monsieur used to say,  'Why did you spend so much again?! I thought I told you to at least save $300/month'.


  1. I've heard from so many people that Paranormal Activity 1 is not scary at all and then from others i have heard that it is really scary haha! I don't know who to believe. I was so close to watching number to the other day but i thought i might as well watch the first one before i watch the second. I am glad it is better though, thanks for your review :)
    And cute outfit choices <3

    Mucho amor.

  2. i'm no sure if it's worth watching paranormal activity, as i didn't like the film... wasn't scary at all.
    you took such adorable photos!

  3. Hey you both look so sweet...Great stuff! Yummmm the food looks delicious!

  4. Nice stuff honey :)

  5. Oooh I love your buys!! And your sister is going to buy a Chanel?! Wow jealoussssss, haha

  6. I would say that was a successful shopping trip!

  7. Anthroplogie has some great items hey? And definitely affordable - I love that place!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Those are some fantastic things you picked up! I love the belt and you can honestly never have enough tights, especially when they're in such great colors! <3

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  10. Your blog is so lovely. Everything here is so cute and romantic. I will return here again and again.

  11. Anthropologie has some really nice stuff but they're quite pricey! I always raid their sale section hehehe. and I love those tights you picked out!

  12. all the food looks so goooooood yumyumyum and the scarf is adorable! I still haven't seen paranormal activity, but I think it'll be pretty fun :D I love scary/thrilling movies.

    if you have some time, please drop by my blog! :D

  13. I really love the sweater dress u got..
    looking forward to see how u style it..

  14. there's nothing better than retail therapy! i especially love those tights you bought and the scarf you ordered online. what gorgeous colors and perfect for fall! i've only been to short hill once, definitely a great place to window shop (maybe not real shop). :P

    and i haven't seen paranormal 2 yet, i'll probably watch it this weekend.

  15. those are awesome colored tights! unlike last year, it hasn't gotten a bit cooler here in our tropical country yet so unfortunately, i can wear tights yet..hehe.

    ps. lovin' the super cute sweater dress too!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. your belt looks amazing...
    you must had a lot of fun..
    ohhh i want to taste your strawberry parfait..
    looks so yummy..hehe


  17. I WANT YOUR BELT~ it's a beautiful one!
    have a nice day, and again thanks for you sweet comments. xxxx

  18. You have such a pretty blog.

    I love your purchases. Especially that sweater dress. Beautiful.

    I haven't seen Paranormal Activity 2 yet but I plan to soon. It seems that most people like it.

  19. Nice purchases! Pff I need to do some shopping too, has been too long!

  20. hahah, thank you dear. All the dishes look delicious btw. I`m glad you had so much fun and that sweater dress is definitely worth it!

    p.s. I watched Paranormal Activity 1 and Jackass 1&2 the last days( I know, I`m crazy). Now I can finally watch the latest parts :).xx

  21. loves me some strawberry parfaits and i am so bummed that you thought hereafter was meh--it looked so promising!


  22. wow it sounds like the two of you went on quite the adventure! loving the photos too darl x


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