Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving, living, everything

10.57 AM
Had a very long dream about my life before the Monsieur, when I was still in school and lived with my cousin, who was bossy and caused a lot of cat fights between us, and having bipolar symptoms at that time.  Glad that it was just a dream and we are in a pretty good term these days.

12.14 PM
Hurrah!  Very proud of self.  Told some friends that I couldn't hang out today, straight to their faces, and ignored any kind of persuasions.

1.31 PM
Just ordered a cooked turkey from Whole Foods online (how convenient) to be picked up on the 24th.  So in the mood for Thanksgiving already, will get eggnog tomorrow.  Hurrah!

2.27 PM
My sister just asked if I would want to go to Ikea with her.  Very tempting.  I could just go and look around, some sort of window shopping.  It shouldn't be that hard not to buy anything, right?  I'm going to say yes then get ready.
Scarf, sweater top & mini dress - Forever 21, shoes - Candela NYC

11.02 PM
Finally home.

So we went to the bank, grocery shopping, had waffles and toasts at IHOP, Ikea, and dinner at the Korean Soft Tofu House.
Not supposed to shop for unnecessities, but couldn't resist buying these stuff, a wall fiberboard picture for just $9.99, alarm clock for just $5.99, and a bedside lamp for just $17.98 (lamp base $7.99, shade $7, and bulb).  I need that alarm clock for morning call, using my cell phone has wasted my phone battery and a bedside lamp is needed for me to read before falling asleep (so I could turn it off easily), therefore I could turn off the bedroom light when I'm off to bed, it's an investment to save electric bill.
Just realized buying the wrong bulb for the lamp.  Don't panic.  Will only need to buy a new one that will fit tomorrow.

Still couldn't figure where to hang that wall picture.  Why did I buy it in the first place?  Gah!

Spending of the day:
Grocery $28.38
IHOP $21
Gas $20
Ikea $37.22
Total: $106.60
That's not all bad, right?


  1. my dear, you look so cute..
    love the pony tail..ehehe
    plus your sweater is so lovely...
    i like! =)
    aww love ikea...
    love the painting..hehe..cute!

  2. Wow you can buy cooked turkey online? crazy but makes for easy holiday planning! Mm.. sometimes you need to just go a little crazy with purchases! You look cute by the way :)

    I'm actually not going to be in the USA until next year, just being super organised really!

  3. But that is a very cool pic for the wall!! I love ikea :)

  4. Sanny, you look so cute! And this outfit-amazing! I really love stripes :D
    xoxo from Hannie

  5. Love your look and I couldn't resist IKEA I love going there to eat their meat balls :)

  6. Cute outfit! I love the shoes.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Wauw, these pictures look so sunny and bright! I really like that painting!

  8. hahaha sanny you are so cute, cant resist on not buying anything at IKEA??? yea right!!

  9. I love your pictures ! "Total: $106.60" tsk tsk tsk ... hahaha

  10. I love your dress! you're looking very cute. :)

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  11. hey sanny you're so gorgeous! anyway, wow thats seeems a lot! :D

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  12. your dress is great!!! :D can always find something to buy! but sometimes it has really usefull things! but the best part is the hot dog and the swedish meatballs at the exit! the perfect way to finish shopping! :D

  13. oh I love going to Ikea, it's fun to see the stuff plus they got such cheap hot dog and frozen yogurt!

  14. Really cute! Seems like you had a fun day! I love that wall picture, give it to me, I will find a place for it!:))

  15. really love your photos on the beginning
    the blue tone feels so warm :D

    nice outfit + you look more gorgeous with your ponytail on:)


  16. the striped dress is so audrey hepburn chic! =)

  17. Ikea is my favourite place to pass time. And they have so many amazing pieces, it`s hard to go home empty handed. Love your dress and scarf!xx

  18. Awww your outfit looks really great and man, those stuff you bought were really awesome! :D Really adorable!

    Eggnog galore! Wahoo! hehehe!
    You're one of my awardees by the way! Cos you're so versatile. :D
    Love ya!
    Here you go:

  19. Tks for your lovely comment!



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