Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good light, good business

111.60 lbs

9.36 AM
Don't panic. It's only an increment of 0.20 lb each day since Monday, does not mean the entire plan to go back to 108 lbs is a failure.  Probably due to lack of nature's call lately (he must be mad at me for complaining so much each time I had to wake up in the middle of the night to answer his call).

12.37 PM
Received an email from the Monsieur, he was supposed to send this person a very important work email about his business, but he emailed it to me instead.  

12.53 PM
Just talked to him about his mistake.

Couldn't help but giggling.  Always enjoy this very rare moment when he makes his little mistake and I get to tell him about it, in which he got to do to me so often due to my clumsiness, and he has to promise that he will be more careful next time.  Heheh!
1.02 PM
Had been dealing with all work related stuff.  Most remain pending and I may have to stay late today.  Gah!

1.17 PM
Now have to deal with a customer in Mexico.  It was so hard to reach him while his employees barely speak English.

3.35 PM
Finally got in touch with the customer.  Will have to wait for another hour for his call back.
4.50 PM
Still hasn't heard back from the customer.  I guess I will have to call him again.

4.55 PM
It was his employee that was on the phone telling me to call back tomorrow at 2 PM.  Gah!

5.03 PM
Received a message from a friend asking why I hardly contact her unless she does it first.  I told her it's because each time I did, I would then want to see her but we hardly made it, and that makes me sad.  Then she apologizes.  Heheh!  I still love her!

5.10 PM
The good thing is now I can leave early and deal with work stuff tomorrow.  Will go to pick up dinner at aunt's and eat at home while watching TV.
9.12 PM
Just watched Community, which I don't like much, and 30 Rock, love it!  It was so funny when Liz tried to get her staff to like her but failed all the way at the end, also the part where the staff found out a spelling website with Jack's voice (which he made for Princeton University and they sold it), was v. funny too!

Now I'm watching The Office.

10.02 PM
Outsourced has just ended.  

Will make a blog post then read blogs before bed, my bedside lamp is all set after 3 attempts of buying the right bulb and the last one was a success!  Hurrah!

Can't wait for Harry Potter tomorrow, I fell asleep in its first 5 movies, only started to enjoy the 6th last year.  I'm also excited because Clemence Poesy is in it!

Total spending of the day: $28 (v. good)
Dress - Twitch Vintage, belt - Anthropologie, tights - Benetton, shoes - Free People


  1. thats a very detailed post! yey! ;) i adore you! you're always sweet to visit each blogs!

    have a fabulous weekend ahead! <3

    Taradiddles of a style on a budget

  2. hmm...what tripod do you use to camwhore (lack of better word ? Banci kamera-ing) ? hahaha :D I'm thinking of getting the baby octopus tripod, not sure if it's worth buying though. Who is this "monsieur" anyway ? Do I know him? :p

  3. wow i really love this outifiT!
    total white ..well not total but there's a lot of white ;)
    and it looks really comfortable

  4. you look so so sweet (again hahaha!!! ). like your outfit....the winter white! i cant never succeed it!!!
    love to read how u pass your day!! you have so much fun even describing the most simple thing! :D


  5. I love those shoes with that dress!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I love your new lay-out, very cute!

  7. Heyyy! I love this blog, especially the diary type! Love it :)) And i am in love with your smile, so cute! I'll follow you sweetie, maybe you can follow me back ha?

    1st blog anniversary

  8. Wow you look gorgeous!! Love your shoes! xoxo

  9. Grear outfit!! The belt really works too :)

  10. such a cute dress! and i love those flats, beautiful!

  11. you look beautiful! love the dress, so pretty. 30 rock is hilarious, I have to catch up though, I`m so behind.xx

  12. I like your blog look!! and glad things are going well cutey!

  13. the bright white shoes look great against the black tights! =)

  14. Interesting post :) and great outfit!

  15. Hey sanny!
    thanks fro checking out my latest post in my blog!

    cute belt btw...

    see ya soon!
    check me in dailyfashionese

  16. cute outfit! I always worry when I send emails that I send them to the wrong person, luckily it hasn't happened yet!

  17. super cute dress! love how you match it with that belt,
    it suits you!
    many thanks for the sweet comment :)

    Castor Pollux

  18. You look super cute and super sweet in that dress, love it!!! love the post about the customer in mexico that was funny ahahahha....

  19. So cute!! :) love your white dress and matching frilly shoes.

  20. I really like this kinda diary/notes style you write in :) very cute!

    Oh I can totally relate wiht the language problems with foreign customers. I have to call French companies so often and i don't speak French but most French people don't (want to) speak English, it's always very complicated ^^

    Btw I adore your lovely shoes! <3

  21. the dress is neat, I like the patterns on there. and lol yeah it's pretty hard to deal with someone when they speak no english!


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