Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep falling, keep rolling

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250 lbs (or maybe 300 lbs, been eating every hour)

9.30 AM
Woke up from a sweet dream about my mom.  We were vacationing somewhere with nice beaches, probably Bali.  Desperately needing a vacation now.  And I want my mom.

I need a break.

11.37 AM
Been listening to 'Happier' by a Fine Frenzy and 'Horizon' by Rachel Yamagata over and over for like two hours.  Feel totally sick of these songs now.

I need changes, I don't want to go back to that path again and again with the same person.

12.03 PM
A friend just called, asking for brunch.  Have to say no, can't go out with this condition.

2.14 PM
I'm all surprised.  Just cleaned my room, after almost a month.  Moped the floor twice, all shiny now!  This can be a good start, I feel better already.  Just remember I bought a new bed sheet set from Marta Steward the other day.

2.31 PM
Looking good.  Now I can move on to the wall pictures.

3.19 PM
Hurrah!  It looks not bad at all, some of the pictures are from magazines and fashion books, some are the print outs I did months ago.  V. impressed.

3.32 PM
Scanning through the rest of the room.  Eyes catch those photo frames at the corner.  Feeling a little upset.  Gah!  

Okay.  Don't panic.  Just have to quickly print out some happy pictures.

4.22 PM
Photo printer almost running out of color ink.  The color is horrible, but still manage to print out 2 pictures, one of myself, and the other with my mom and sister.  Will hide the rest of the frames until get a new ink.

5.16 PM
Just showered and washed my hair.  Feeling even better already, now craving for sweet stuff!

5.34 PM
My sister just asked if I want to go out for grocery shopping and IHOP.  Couldn't say no, what a perfect call.  Going to get ready now.

5.48 PM
Not so surprise anymore and manage to recover better than before.  I guess part of me just knew that this will happen again.

Say hi to granny Sanny.
Everything Forever 21, except cardigan - thrifted

Total spending of the day: $30 (also v. good), I can do this myself, he is not needed to remind me how much I need to save every week anymore.


  1. lol ! Hi Granny Sanny !
    >.< I think 5 breakups/year is not normal, I hope things get better soon!

  2. hello sanny! moving things really helped! anyway life is smile! shake all the stress away! mwa :*

  3. your room looks so cozy. Love your skirt.xx

  4. Lovely flat shoes sanny :)
    Have a great day ☺

  5. hehe hello Granny Sanny, but I have to say you're hot for a granny :)

  6. IHop! I always go there when I'm in teh states for breakfest, yummmm. and love your outfit!

  7. Your outfit is lovely!! You are so pretty! And I really adore that fashion collage you made as well. :)

  8. hey! love how you calculate your spending at the end of the day! i just spent 35 dollars on laundry and dry cleaning EEEK!


  9. Hey girl!!! cheer up!!! Fifth break up?? that is crazy, you need to move on, there is no way to keep going back and hurting your self!!!
    P.S: I'm here if you need some support

  10. I love your tights, they are so super cute!!~ especially with those shoes and the refreshing color of your cardigan. :)

    5 breakups? That's sort of intense and I know nothing of relationships, but that can't be right! :( Maybe it's time to move on to someone else?

  11. Your room looks so pretty - and I love your white tights!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  12. the white tights are so pretty! =)

  13. I'm sorry to hear about the break-up, it's so frustrating when a relationship just doesn't seem to work out :-/
    But look how good you handled it with cleaning up and printing out new photos and so. You seem to be such a positive person, that's good :)

  14. What a brilliant outfit! And your tights!

    Sorry to hear about that.. You're handling it really well though!



  15. you're too cute to be a granny now I think:D
    pretty outfit<3
    love your blog! and I'm following you now:D

  16. hey granny sanny..hehe ;p
    i love the pictures you put in those frames..
    lol..but the tone colour is also okay..
    lovely! <3
    and your bed is cute..simple and lovely!!

  17. I want to move to bali and live foreverrrrr!! foreverrr on vacations!! D::D:D
    Your room is really cute and the collage great...use a picture frame to put inside it and it will look like you bought it! :D
    I am gonna copy these white tights one day....for sure!!!



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