Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's be spontaneous!

10.25 AM
Woke up around half an hour ago then read Shopaholic & Sister for a little bit.  I'm going to wash my hair then toast some bread now.

WeatherBug shows there's possible some snow today.  Hurrah!

10.28 AM
Just checked, it only shows possible rains.  Gah!  I only want to believe in WeatherBug for now!

Really have to wash my hair now before change of mind.

11.03 AM
It was actually snowing when I was in the shower.  First snow of the season, on Thanksgiving, and I actually saw it from my bathroom window!

11.41 AM
Just watched an episode of the Golden Girls while having toast bread, then read a blog post from Selective Potential, she is always so cute and positive and inspiring!  I envy her life!

Missed a call from my aunt, she left a message saying that she expected us to go to her place at 1 PM.  I better hurry.

9.12 PM
Home!  But will be heading out again soon for the black Friday sale at the Jersey Shore outlet mall. Hurrah! Will leave in less than an hour and have to pick up a friend.
Food was good, my aunt is an excellent cook.  And my gluten free pumpkin cheesecake from Whole Foods Princeton was so good that I ate 2 big slices!  And after about a year, I finally got to see Bug, my friend's dog, because they are joining us at my aunt's place.  I used to help to look after him when she was not around but my new apartment doesn't allow pets in the building.  And he still remembers me!  He kept on following me around (nobody but me, heheh!), while wiggling his tail.  My heart swells!
Then we watched The King of Persia, in which I fell asleep, and part of The Women until my aunt had to leave to meet her boss.

We are going to NYC tomorrow to stay over at my friend's friend apartment, who is traveling and left her key for my friend to stay as she likes.  Our plan is to visit the rooftop pub at 230 Fifth, then shopping and ice skating at the Rockefeller center the next day.  I'm crossing my fingers, hoping there won't be any cancellation!

5.15 AM
Home!  Just checked some online deals, feeling kind of relief that nothing is quite interesting so I won't bother to buy anything.

Glad that I made it home in one piece, since I was the one who drove.  I think we shopped and walked around for like 5 hours.  Gah!  Have no idea how we even made it.

Better clean up and get ready to sleep.  Will sort stuff out tomorrow.

Some of the things I bought:

Spending of the day:
Shopping $a million
Food $11.75
Total: $a million and 11.75


  1. I loooooooove both the dresses in this post, very pretty! navy really is your color!

    if you have some spare time, check out my blog! I just did a post on my new LanvinxH&m dress!

  2. I love that plaid dress! Is the leopard over top a cardigan or a coat?

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. i love the leopard cardigan you bought from gap! <3 lovely stuffs! and that dog is sooooooooooo adorable and so fluffffy! <3

    ps: i really wanna experience snow! haha lame! :(

    Taradiddles of Style on a budget

  4. first of all love everything you bought! :D
    second, you lucky girl you ll go to nyc!!!!! sooo jealous!
    and it is snowing!!! here is realy hot for the end of november. like 20 degrees of celsium..i feel like i live in California! Not bad actually but i want to wear my jackets and my boots! i have spend so much money on them! hahahaha
    You dog is ssooo cute!!!
    Your new dress would be excellent with red shoes!! red pumps maybe or ballerinas! think about it!i give an extra reason to go shopping again! :P

    thank you for your really nice words!
    lot of fashion kisses my cute face! :D:D


  5. you fell asleep watching king of persia?
    lol ;p i so love that movie..hehe
    anyway, you look so adorable..
    i love your picture with your grandma's dog...
    cute!! =)

  6. such lovely dresses! and that puppy is so adorable! I can`t wait for the first snow to fall...xx

  7. Gorgeous dresses!! I really do adore your sense of style. :)

    And omg Shopaholic, Golden Girls, and pumpkin cheesecake?! How FABULOUS!

    PS. You can buy that leave in conditioner at beauty stores (I get mine at Ulta, but I'm sure Beauty Brands has it too. I'm sorry if you've never heard of these stores...I live in Missouri and I'm not sure what stores you have in your neck of the woods. Lol.). Oh, you could get it on Amazon too. There's a link in my blog. Good luck!! xoxo

  8. Cute dresses. I wish it would snow here in Texas that would be lovely. Winter is my fave season. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


  9. soooo lovely :)))))


  10. Wow! That last dress is SOOOOO amazing. And your friend's dog is beyond precious! I am happy he still remembers you.

    Best wishes,


  11. I love your pictures!!! And your dog is adorable!!!

  12. I love that blue dress, I'm now following you x

  13. What a cute dress you're wearing! And I love this photo of you and the dog, you two look adorable! :)

    Sounds like you had a great time eating, meeting friends and shopping. Very nice ways to spend time :)

    Btw I sometimes envy Tieka's life too ;)

  14. aaaawww cute dress...i had fun thanksgiving and black friday too, got some xmas decorations done woohoo, we finally have xmas tree in our living room

  15. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It seems like you had a fantastic time!!

  16. Both outfits are so cute! Love them!..and Bug is the sweetest, look how he is sleeping:D

  17. lovely finds! that leopard print cardigan is my favorite! =)

  18. its good to know what people do on a daily basis :)
    the leopard cardigan is fab !

  19. lol ! $a million , that's a lot of money ! I envy you, you can wear leopard cardigan, I can't wear anything leopard ! It makes me look hmm.. very cheap -.- btw, I fell asleep during King of Persia too.


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