Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those moments of bliss

I'm amazed, the fact that I might be the laziest blogger in promoting my blog and the content of my post is not interesting most of the time, I actually have 49 people following my blog.  My heart swells and swells because of you girls and it has been my habit to smile even more just by reading all the sweet comments from you girls!

Well, I better stop before I turn even sappier.  This post is about my last weekend in New York City.  Another reason I love this city is because I could never get bored of it!  The spirit of celebration is so transparent!  Christmas is about four weeks away but I almost believed that it was already Christmas.  And the fact that the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center was not even lit up!  I wish I have a better way in describing it.  Eek, I'm so silly!  Heheh...


Bug and I at the apartment where we stayed.  It is located between Lexington Ave. & 3rd Ave., 31st Street.  So convenient!
The view from the apartment.  It was actually a studio, so cute!  I'm just not so used to tiny space.
Us at SoHo.  We were looking for Tory Burch boutique for the flats that I want.  But I got them the next day at the mall, which offered 30% discount!
I really adore this candid of us.
The Traditional Japanese snack store, its green tea rice cake was so yummy!
Ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center, I was hopelessly wishing to skate, but the place was so packed and I disliked being in long line.
The Christmas tree will be lit up later today, around 8 PM.
Scarf - Lucky Brand, dress - Forever 21, tights - Benetton, coat - Guess, boots - Macy's, bag - Zara


Here are some of the Christmas displays that I adore:
The famous Saks whimsical holiday windows display and its moving snowflakes light!
Do you watch 30 Rock?
Juicy Culture

How excited are you for Christmas?
I smile constantly thinking about the food, giving and getting presents, spending more time with friends and family, more traveling, then New Year!  Life is so good!


  1. i'm excited for christmas! i can't wait to be back in the states :) I love that candid picture too - you girls look great!

  2. What ?? It's Christmas already ??
    Haha Bug is so cute , I want to hug him too

  3. Oh I just want to go to NYC even more now, been pressuring my hubby to go there for NY eve, but still got a no answer so far, should have shown him your pictures here

  4. the Christmas decor around the city look so magical. ahhh I love this time of the year. You look so good too, hopefully one day I will go to NYC :)

  5. Bug and you both look so cute!!! thanks for sharing those pictures :)

  6. NYC!!! Oh that is one place I would love to visit...lucky girl!! Your outfit is so cute and love those boots. I hope you've had a blast there.


  7. I've always wanted to go to New York City, you're so lucky you live there. And amazing post, has really got me in the Christmas spirit xox


  8. New York looks amazing and I love your dress! I`m already thinking how to decorate and the menu.xx

  9. Aw looks like you had a great time in NY! How cool that the girl left you guys the key to the appartment! I wish I had friends there who did that for me haha ;)

    I love your outfit in the photos, very cute and comfy enough for shopping aka walking around for hours I guess?!

    I'm so excited for christmas too! Can't wait to see my family and friends and give them their presents, that's what I love most about it: the happiness about the presents! :)

  10. That looks like a nice apartment you stayed at! I love all the photos as usual. This is a truly fabulous post. I adore Christmas time! I am so excited!


    Best wishes,


  11. ahh! beautiful photos sanny! <3 those christmas decorations looks really great!

  12. Awesome photos - I love your dress!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. very cute photos, like your dress! thanks for stopping by & your comment :)


  14. just found your blog! it's amazing, following you! follow me back if you like my blog!

    i LOVE going into new york city, it's such a great place. looks like you had a great time!

    x http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

  15. wow these photos are amazing, so jealous you got to go there! loving your blog, following you :) I don't watch 30 rock, but I llooovvee SNL! :)


  16. oooh my gosh darling!!
    i'm so jelaous of you!!
    i really want to go to NY but i'm from Italy and the travel is so expensive to me!!! :(
    hope one day i could go there!!
    the windows of shops are amazing!! and also the rockfeller center xmas tree!! yesterday i saw it lit up on tv and was AMAZING!!
    sweet kisses honey!

  17. your outfit is sooo cute. I love the shoes!!! :) i wish i was in new york! i heard its amazing near christmas

  18. I am super excited for x-mas !i have my birthday soon also !Hope you had an amazing time in NYC !i have been there a year ago with my boyfriend :)
    have fun xoxo

  19. lucky youuuuuuuuu!!!! i am so jealous!!!!!!
    you look you had fun! and the pictures are really wonderfull!!!


  20. Gorgeous photos! They make me long to be in NYC right now. Sigh. How fabulous. And all of you girls looked so cute. :)

    PS. I am excited for Christmas. Yay! Hehe.

  21. I bet NY at Christmas is beautiful with all the lights and decorations ... and extraordinary shopping :-)! I hope to spend xmas therr some day...

  22. aww great photos, so excited for Christmas!! I wish I was in NYC though xx


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