Friday, December 3, 2010

Chaos is a great teacher

I have put up my Twitter account to this blog (somebody asked about it on my Formspring).  Created the account a while ago, but still having trouble using it.  Blah, I'm so outdated!  Add/follow me (?) so I can add you/follow (?) back (whatever the term is).


111.60 lbs

9.32 AM
Hurrah!  I have lost almost all the body fat I gained from Thanksgiving weekend food, was 126 lbs on Monday!  V. impressive!  Or maybe my scale has problem.

10.56 AM
I want to laugh so bad but I can't manage anyone here in the office to think that I'm insane or something, so I keep grinning from ear to ear.  I just got a super special early Christmas present!

2.26 PM
Got my paycheck and monthly bonus check.  I don't just get a paycheck every month, but also bonus check every month!

Just told my best friend about it, he was all jealous.  We've been talking a lot lately, practically almost everyday!  I almost forgot how fun it was being with him.  We were so close before until he got a girlfriend who hated me, but he said he doesn't really care about it anymore.  I'm THAT important!  Heheh!

4.12 PM
Suddenly thinking about the Monsieur and how we used to share so much.  I'm always too proud to admit, the fact that I miss him, terribly.  I miss him to the slightest thing we used to share like what we had for lunch.  Maybe it's just best to keep it all inside.

4.54 PM
Hurrah!  Will leave in half an hour and few minutes!  Will go to Bank to deposit those checks, go home, do laundry, have half an hour of Just Dance 2 on Wii (v. good work out), then shower before Community, 30 Rock, The Office, then Outsourced!  I so love my every Thursday TV night with my phone off!

7.36 PM
Gah!  Not everything was going as planned.  I forgot to bring my ATM card in order to make deposit, and I'm running out of time for Just Dance 2 before first TV show starts at 8 PM.

Jacket - Urban Outfitters, dress - ModCloth, tights - Gap, boots - ModCloth

8.02 PM
Got to dance to 4 songs (Raining Men, Tik Tok, That's Not My Name, and Body Movin').  Bedroom is in big mess, can't even find a proper space for my camera anywhere, outerwear is everywhere!

10.16 PM
Still haven't gotten the chance to shower and finish up laundry.

11.14 PM
Showered, done with laundry, room is a little tidy now and has rearranged all the outerwear, I need a garment rack!  Wardrobe is running out of space.  Gah!  Promise self will clean room properly on weekend.

My early Christmas present, a Gucci wallet.  And doesn't it compliment the color of my credit card?    High Five!

Total spending of the day: $0.00 (v. v. v. good)


  1. wow you look so amazing sanny..
    very very pretty!!
    loving your outfit! =)

  2. I love your dress!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. That will be me on the formspring hahah I forgot to put my name
    now we can chat in twitter

  4. Cute dress!xox

  5. you look very cute - and so lucky to get that gucci wallet as a present!

  6. a gucci wallet! balling!! you look so sweet in these pictures :)


  7. that striped dress is too cute! =)

  8. Cute outfits sanny!

  9. love the wallet! your outfit is so cute here :)


  10. great present lucky youuuu!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
    i really like your dress!


  11. Beautiful :))))


  12. you have busy but fun day darling!
    but your face still looks fresh.
    are Christmas celebrated there in Malaysia?

    Natalie's-the blog

  13. I love your dress and such a pretty wallet! 30 rock is so funny, I haven`t seen the others though.xx

  14. Great post! That is a wonderful early Christmas present! You are so lucky. Haha. And I love watching The Office. And your outfit is so cute! That is a great dress!


  15. It seems like you had an interesting day and to top it off a lovely present!!!

  16. Darling outfit as usual. You dress so cute! I just had a friend of mine talk about formspring? What is it?
    Also, how do you get that shared button on your post like that to share to Facebook or Twitter, etc? lol.
    I cant figure it out and I so want a share it button on each post.
    ha! :-)

    xxxx to you!! Emily

  17. colours!! love this outfit!! *_*
    WOW a present GUCCI!! i want it too!!!
    it looks very stylish!! love it!!
    amazing job!!
    sweet kisses from italy!!

  18. I really enjoy reading your jorunal-like posts, you have such a refreshing and cute style in writing :)
    Very lovely outfit, especially the mixed prints!
    And woah I'm jealous because of the Gucci wallet ;)

  19. What a great day :) you're so lucky love your new GUCCI wallet :)

  20. hey thanks for all your comments, you really brighten up my day :) congrats on your paycheck and bonus. now i'm jealous.
    ohh i was considering to buy wii. is it worth it? =)

  21. Arrgh... *envy* I want your Gucci wallet hahaha ... and that dress too ! You have too many clothes :D


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