Monday, December 6, 2010

It's phenomenal how it all comes together

So this super gorgeous lady with her million dollar smile, Angga of reserveradefashion, passed me this blogger interview about a week ago.  I decided to do it in this post.

Please feel free to pass it on as you like!

Why did you create your blog?
I actually created one about a year ago, but it was a private blog just for me and the Monsieur to access.  Last April when we called it quit, I felt all silly so I deleted the whole thing.  I wanted to do something different because blogging is actually really fun! Then one day I browsed around and came across many inspiring fashion blogs such as Twitch Vintage, Selective Potential, and Glisters and Blisters.  Fashion has always been one of the things I'm so passionate about, even though I don't really follow the trends.  So I decided to change it into a fashion mixed with personal journal sort of blog at the end of August this year, and I have lots of fun with it and because of you girls!

What kind of blogs do you follow?
I adore street style with a touch of vintage, and everything vintage inspired!  I also love reading life journey of each blogger, it all makes me realize how fascinating this life is, and it makes me love this life even more!

Favorite make-up brands?
MAC (foundation), Estee Lauder (mineral powder), and especially Lancome (blush, eyeliner, brow pencil, lip color).

Favorite clothing brands?  
No specific brand.  It always depends on what I see, how it looks on me, and my budget.

Your indispensable make-up product?
I only put on mineral powder and blush on regular day and add eyeliner and mascara for particular event.

Your favorite color?
I like to play with colors, so I don't have any specific one for outfit.

Your perfume?
I finished Elizabeth Arden Green Tea scent spray about a month ago.  And I always go for softer scent.  Currently using Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme for men, inspired by one of my best friends.

Your favorite film?
Too many to mention!  But my preferences are always horror and thriller genre.

What country would you like to visit and why?
I've always wanted to visit Peru for its Machu Picchu, have been obsessing about it and its history since junior high.


It took me 2 weeks to finally eat this pie.  It was too pretty and I backed out each time!
Jacket & bag - Urban Outfitters, dress - ModCloth, tights - Benetton


  1. hmmmm..yummy...and you are looking soooo pretty and stylish honey.

  2. the pie looks too good!
    :) and i like how you are an old-fashioned girl at heart because I am one too :)
    Love your style <3

  3. Your look so cute in those pictures and that pie looks yummy! :)

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog a while back, I really appreciate it xxx

  4. love the dress and great interview! Macchu Picchu is also on my list of top places to see.xx

  5. yummyyyyyy pie!!!! :D

    you have made a nice choice. this blog is really interesting!!! thank you for sharing!!! :D


  6. yummy pie!!! you are ssssooooo cute lol

  7. Nice interview - and you look so pretty in the photos!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Fabulous interview!! :) I love learning more about other bloggers! And that pie looks so YUMMY! Oh, and your dress? GORGEOUS! xoxo

  9. A very interesting and informative interview.

  10. you look pretty and i like that skirt.
    by the way i wish i can go to Machu Piccu one day :)

    Natalie's-the blog

  11. I love your blog! Cute pictures and always a nice story. I rarely read what people write on their blogs but I always love to read yours.

  12. nice interview! it would be fun to go to Peru I think!

  13. I love what you wrote :) I'll continue to follow this is a lovely blog :)

  14. What a nice little interview, congrats on receiving the blog award!
    I've seen photos of the Machu Picchu and it must be one of the most beautiful places on earth! However I think Peru hasn't got the right temperatures for me... :)

    Oh and btw DaWanda is like Etsy, it's a pool of many little DIY and vintage shops from all different countries and most of the sellers offer international shipping ;)

    have a wonderful day!

  15. Love your shoes in this post!xox

  16. awh what a cool interview! I loovee your photos and outfit :)


  17. Cool interview and that pie looks INCREDIBLE!!!!
    xx Emily from EL Vintage

  18. Hmm..I might try to answer those questions too.. I used to wear Elizabeth Arden Green Tea too! Long long time ago and I love spritzing on men's fragrance from time to time :D

  19. hie..i enjoyed reading your blog:)

    MAC is my fav cosmetic brand :)

    hope you check out my blog too

  20. 2 weeks before you fell into the temptation? hehehe!

    And as usual, you really really look adorable! :D

    So nice to know some stuff about u, especially the history of your blogging. :D

    Stay awesome! :D

  21. i love reading the q&a i think you should do it more often haha and sanny! you're the sweetest girl in the blogworld!! you're comments are always honest and opinionated! i love you for that! :*

  22. I love inteviews! you get to know so many things about a person and find out how much you actually have in common. Just an example, I so love MAC as well :)


  23. cute dress, and oh that pie lol i wouldnt eat it either, its too pretty! thanks for your sweet comment honey :)

  24. I love the dress AND the interview! Yes, we started our blogs at around the same time. And I have other blogs in the past, but they didn't feel as substantial or important as the one I have... you know?

    Glisters and Blisters really inspired me this past summer as well! And I am not even a fashion blogger!


    Best wishes,


  25. you look great, and that is one good looking pie I agree! I also love Michelle's Glisters and Blisters :D

  26. Wow I love your new TB shoes, they both are classic colours!! love them love them

  27. Very nice interview... I agree, it's fascinating to read the journey of every blogger. Also inspiring to be there as they evolve styles/posts/loves.. etc. Best of luck and KEEP blogging!



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