Thursday, December 9, 2010

Strange has to be within range

9.13 AM
Only late for 13 minutes today.  Hurrah!  Boss is not here yet.  Will finish some paperwork, and work related emails.

11.31 AM
Some guy is just so creepy!  Have known this guy for a long time and haven't seen him in a while, thought it should be fine to remain friendly being in touch with him again lately.  He's been trying to 'express' (according to him) his admiration toward me, thought he was just kidding.  And he just told me that sometimes he thought of me while jerking off.  Euwh, euwh, euwh... will never see him again!  And have blocked all contacts from him!

11.41 AM
Missing the Monsieur.  And he is right, again!  I shouldn't trust anyone so easily and being too friendly.

12.03 PM
I'm very glad of having this daily journal.  It enables me to track back my activities and expenses.  Just found out there's a charge of $78.66 made to my account from Anthropologie online last week, in which I never purchased anything from that store online.  Have filed for a dispute right away.

12.20 PM
Gah!  It turns out it was the online purchase I made from Urban Outfitters.  How would I know the charge is shown as 'Urban-Anthropologie'?  Have emailed the bank for dispute cancellation.

1.33 PM
Promised to wake up best friend from his nap.  He was such a deep sleeper.  It takes 5 calls to finally wake him up.

4.45 PM
Have been helping this girl from next door office to figure out the problem with her laptop for almost 2 hours now.  It turns out some files are missing from the system due to viruses.

9.38 PM
Telling best friend about the creepy guy.  He laughed about it before I got mad.  The Monsieur would never do that, he would always make me feel safe again!

10.02 PM
Now best friend is mad that I compare him with the Monsieur.  But it is so sweet that he said he could also protect me in his own way.  I realize everyone is different.  Somehow I naively wish I could meet someone that get me like the Monsieur does.

Bought 2 pairs of Tory Burch flats.  Super comfy for a heavy walker like me!
Jacket - Benetton, top - Forever 21, skirt - Lucca Couture, tights - GAP, shoes - Urban Outfitters


  1. such a cute look! love those white Urban ankle boots :)


  2. I know, there are some really creepy guys out there!
    anyway, those flats you got look amazing! so jealous :).xx

  3. lol about the creepy guy! and Tory Burch flats look really comfy

  4. i love your skirt and those white booties!! haha and i also love being late to work and not getting caught (:

    cute blog! i'm following!

  5. That guy really was creepy and stupid in my opinion!
    You look delightful as always, Sanny!


  6. nice of you to wake your friend up! cute outfit :)


  7. Love the black Tory Burch flats! Tres chic!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Ummm, that guy is really creepy and I hope he never bothers you again! That's just weird. :( I hope you're not emotionally impaired! *hugs* <3

    Your flats and skirt are so cute. :DD

  9. errr! the creepy guys sounds horrible >_<!!!! hope you get to keep away frm him~~~

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  10. Those flats look great...Lovely outfit Sanny:))
    You always look sooo cute!!

  11. thank you so much for your comments dear! And i like your tights!

  12. Love the skirt!
    So nice ;)
    Nice picks.
    ♥♥♥, Angie

    would you like to follow each other?

  13. Oh gawd!! some guys are creepy like that, dont worry I have couple "admirers" that does that to me, I just ignore them, it gives me a chill to even heard them talking like that gah!!!
    Dont you love Tory burch flats?? lol I want them but not really a fan of flats lol
    Love your outfit today and the skirts and stop thinking about that GUY lol

  14. This is a great idea for a post!!

    I love those flats! :)

    KF x

  15. you have so many shoes :D I love the new flats. And creepy guys are everywhere, it's normal men that is hard to find

  16. Your flats are cute. And girl, you are having all this drama up in here!


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