Monday, December 13, 2010

The world is as good as its people

10.31 AM
Woke up to the sound of pouring rain, so loving it.  Saw a message from best friend, and replied.

11.46 AM
Supposed to see a friend in half an hour but can't get away from the window, enjoying the rain while reading Shopaholic and Baby.

12.23 PM
Ok.  Don't panic.  I believe he will understand, that I'll be an hour late when I told him we should be able to eat at 1, kind of forcing him to wake up earlier today, and haven't seen him for more than a month.  Gah!  Who am I kidding.

1.18 PM
He sarcastically teased me about my lateness, and is not so happy.

1.21 PM
Just threw him my best 'puppy eyes', he finally smiled.  Now we are catching up.  Hurrah!  Now he is talking about his new stock market obsession for this past month.  Can't help but think about the Monsieur, we used to watch the stock market together almost everyday and texted each other when he had to be away.
2.07 PM
Arrived at the seafood buffet place.  Food looks awful.  He was asking if we should go somewhere else, but I'm too hungry to go for another round, and the fact that he took the wrong exit when we were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago.

2.44 PM
We figured the food was that horrible when we paid the bill, because it was so cheap, only $10 per person!  But it was fun because we got to laugh a lot about the food and somehow forgot about its awfulness.

3.01 PM
He talked about the grand opening of a Korean supermarket across the street, so here we are.

3.32 PM
It was so fun and such a festive opening!  Food testing was everywhere, so we basically tried almost everything, especially me.  And I got my free blackberry flavored cotton candy!

4.51 PM
Just got out from Macy's with 2 huge plastic bags.  We tried on all levels of comforters and pillows on Macy's bed, it was so fun.  We giggled hysterically, good that there was not many people around.  He got a Level 2 comforter, and I got a really nice feather pillow and a duvet set.
5.06 PM
Back at his place, we were both so thirsty because of laughing too much.  

6.14 PM
We tried on the new comforter in his duvet cover, was a little smaller but fine, then I helped him with his laundry for a bit.  He asked me to stay longer because he enjoyed having me around.  

6.47 PM
He invited me to a bowling game but my feet was a little hurt so I decided to go home.

8.14 PM
Home!  Picked up a large pepperoni and meatball pizza and some groceries.  Time for new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

Life is just so good!

Total spending of the day $111.73
Cardigan - Guess, inside top, shoes, scarf and gloves - Forever 21, tights - ModCloth


  1. Seafood place buffet? Oh god, that is making me so hungry!

    Love your purple tights, that is purple right?


    Come say Bonjour at:


  2. Sounds like a great day :) you look cute bundled up!

  3. I must say, I miss watching Brothers and Sisters! Sorry about the food situation. A box of pizza never fails to deliver! It's greasy and all but it yumyum in the tumtum! lol.

    Great outfit, Sanny! <3

  4. you look lovely. I`m glad you had such a wonderful day.xx

  5. what a cute scarf! =)

  6. look really cute and cozy.


  7. Seafood buffet place should sound really good, I was surprise its awfull :-(
    you look so cute with that blue tights

  8. I love your look here -- and what an adorable dog!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Waking up to rain has to be the best thing in the world! And I love your outfit!! sorry I've been so absent the last few days, I didn't even look at my computer this w/e I was so busy! Am catching up now so all is good :) Hope you are doing fanstastically! And thanks always for your nice comments, they always make me smile =)

  10. ahhh cheap buffets... no matter how awful they r. they're still pretty ok for the first time.. hahahha... ^^

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  11. Great photos! I continue to love your style! I LOVE the Shopaholic series. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite writers. So far, I have only read the first book, but I am so eager to read more. I saw the movie, and I don't think it did the book justice, though it was funny and charming in it's own way!


  12. you look so cute! this sounds like such a fun day :) yay for restaurants that turn out to be total dives, they make the day much more memorable :)


  13. nice outfit!!and seems that u spend perfect time!!

  14. Cute pics as usual haha :D you have a good chemistry with the dog. I never knew your idea of a a good time is "watching stock market together" lol!

  15. yeaa that's my family!

    check me some time! Dailyfashionese

  16. sounds like a really fun day :)
    love your stripe top!

    Castor Pollux

  17. alaways super CUTE!!!!
    nice outfit!!
    can't believe it!!
    i'm in love with your doggy dog!!
    he is so cuteeeeeeeeee!!

  18. ah lovely puppy!
    btw just now and surprised that you're an indonesian too, lol.
    nice post, it's nice to see your daily things, and you looks gorgeous in that outfit
    p.s : can you speak indonesia?

  19. Doggie is so cute!!! :) It's a great effort that you keep such detailed diary about yourself, keep them coming :)

  20. seafoods buffet?! thats really nice! i love seafoooods! <3 hey, you're really sweet sanny! thanks for always leaving a nice comment.

    anyway heres the link:

    you might like somethin! <3

  21. I've seen a few epsoide of desperate housewives, it's not a bad show!

  22. Now I'm craving a meatball pizza, yuuummm :)

    Aw there's nothing better than sleeping with a new pillow right? :)

  23. I'm a big fan of your blog,
    so I've decided to pass on The Stylish Blogger award to you!
    If you want to accept it, you can find out more here :

    Lots of love,Nura

  24. I love how you document all your daily happenings :)

  25. It sounds like you both had a lot of fun shopping at Macy's. Your outfit seems warm and comfortable for the weather!

  26. i'm so behind on brothers & sisters...i need to catch up!


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