Thursday, December 16, 2010

A wild guess is always welcome

I'm one of the seven bloggers to receive a 'Stylish Blogger Award' from World of fashion inspiration's Nura.  Hurrah!  I just love this girl and her blog, she is utterly one of the cutest and colorful person in this blog-world!  Check her out, satisfaction guaranteed!
Ps. Thank you, Nura!

Now I have to share 7 facts about me (have I done this before?):
1. I realize I'm overly positive most of the time.  I can cheer myself up easily even in those worst situations. I'm afraid of myself sometimes.
2. One of my worst flaws is my ability in spending money. I still find it really hard to save and live on a budget, eek!
3. I'm so full of myself that no one can bring me down, except for myself.
4. I demand to win in any kind of debates I got into, no matter how false my statement is.
5. I'm so clumsy that I drop almost every precious things I own. Here are some: dropped my cell phone in an elevator and only realized it when I got into car, dropped my iTouch into a filled bathtub, left my bag in a restaurant that the waiter had to chase after my car as I drove away, poor guy!
6. I'm horrible at cooking, except for instant noodle, and always cause messes in the kitchen.  My cooking is either too salty, over cooked, burned, taste like feet, the list goes on.  I'm almost banned from the kitchen.
7. I don't have many girl friends in real life.  Mom and some friends told me it's because I'm too manipulative, quirky, and such a tease.

Er... it looks like a list of flaws, indeed!

Please feel free to share 7 Facts About You, I tag everyone who's interested!

Because we still haven't gotten much snow here in New Jersey, I decided to post some pictures from last year in the old condo, with many pieces of memories about the Monsieur.  See the transition in my expression?  I was all happy until I had to clean my car.  Hah!


  1. I liked reading that, I have more guy friends then girls. Sometimes they're better haha. You look like your going to war with the snow :)

  2. I know, saving money is like the hardest thing in the world! love the first pic :-P.xx

  3. I'm clumsy too! nice things you decide to share about yourself!

  4. congrats! im gonna check out nuras blog now :)


  5. Congratulations.=) Great pics and post! =) I wish im as positive as you are.=) And dont worry, i too cant cook!=)

  6. Great pictures!!! i would love for you to visit me:)

    xoxo Summer

  7. Hihi, haha. interesting facts about u. I am pretty bad in the kitchen too. too bad i'm not banned from the kitchen ( I do wish I am so I don't have to cook! ha) ~~

    I want to Thank u SO MUCH for your donation! I truly appreciated! It is tough, esp through the holiday season. I am afraid to spend $ on gifts for anyone! (have not bought any yet...wonder if i will..mmm) But I am really grateful for my health and the wonderful people I met online such as you! Thank you! <3

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  8. you are a lovely girl! Thank you for all, xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  9. Great outfit sanny!

  10. hehe, i love these old pics. and your list made me laugh! i'm overly positive as well... but i'm happy, so why not? (:

  11. Congrats on the award - and I love getting to read more about you!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. I'm having a festivus giveaway - visit my blog to enter

  12. You are so funny and so quirky...and those pictures of you are so cute!!! the 7 things just made my day hahah
    hey you been MIA...where are you...??

  13. lol Im clumsy too! I can put my cellphone in refrigerator and dont realize it after 2 hours..oh my xD I enjoy this post!xx

  14. adorable photos! u look great! :)

  15. hey dear....congrats =)
    awww you look so cute in the first picture...
    loving the snow aren't you?hehe

  16. This post is fabulous, as always! Congrats, congrats, congrats for the award, my dear!

    By the way, I LOVE #3!


  17. Hahaha, I love your face on the last picture! That is a cute jacket you had on one year ago 8D 8D We still haven't gotten any snow here, either. :) Then again, we live in teh south.. but I still want some!!~

  18. so cute in the pics! xx

  19. Just stumbled on your blog - it's so cute! I mean, OBVIOUSLY. You have POLKA DOTS as a background! I happen to love polka dots. YAY.

    And I loved reading these facts - I don't think being overly positive is a bad thing. Terribly negative is much worse. And ahhh, I always drop things. Thank god all my electronics are crap, so they can endure their abuse!

  20. congratulations on the awarard! love your cardigan! =)

  21. sweet :) i bumped into your blog and i super love it . the vibe is so great and also the pictures , very cute . feel free to follow me :)) it would be nice if we could be blog friends.

    much love.
    ennaid <3

  22. great to learn a little more about you! I'm super clumsy too.. I remember when I got my new camera I dropped it straight away.. thankfully it was just in the car onto the seat haha.

    Looking cute dear x

  23. congrats darling!!!
    nice outfit! and very coooold pics!
    ahahahah sweet kisses

  24. Congrats on your award!! Thanks for your sweet comment too, Im hosting a giveaway, come back and enter!!

  25. great fun photos ! and congrats on the awardd !

    thanks so much for stopping by at my blog !!
    i hope you've had a great weekend :)
    glisters and blisters

  26. I know what you mean! I was in my college's debate team. I don't back down on a discussion. :) It's good that you are strong willed. I like that! I don't have a lot of friend which I like because it's quality over quantity. :)

  27. Aaw you have the cuuutest smile in the first photo Sanny :)

  28. Congrats on the award and lovely pictures! :)

    I think it's good to be a positive person and I certainly share your inability to save money, my biggest downfall :(

    Happy Christmas sweets! xxx

  29. yay :) cant wait to hear about your 100 wish list :) leopard pumps is heaven ! btw thanks for commenting :) happy holidays.

    p.s : you might want to follow me , ill follow you back dear .

  30. It's scary to be over perky--like me. LOL but it's better than being too pessimistic right? ;D Hehe! Life is good!

    LOL... LOVE the transition of your facial expression! :P WOOHOO for cleanin up the snow!


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