Monday, December 20, 2010

The way someone eats or dances is revealing

11.44 AM
The Wii is all broken now.  Gah!  Bro has been trying to fix it since yesterday but the damage is fatal according to some website.  Now we can't even try out the new guitar hero and rock star set.
12.36 PM
On my way to pick up a friend and share a car to another friend's house.  We are going to an animal shelter because she wants to get another dog.

1.23 PM
Er... we are late!  The shelter is closed at 1 on Saturday.
2.39 PM
We decided to go to the animal shop where my friend got her dog 2 years ago.  I'm so happy!

4.07 PM
I fall in love with a 2 months old female Maltese, she is the cutest and prettiest!  So precious.  It was so funny that she was trying to play with my friend's dog but she was ignored, like totally.
7.09 PM
Just had the best Sushi dinner, it was actually a buffet, but all Sushi, called Sushi Palace in Princeton (just 10 minutes away from my house).  Everything was so wonderful!  You get to request any kind of Sushi from the menu, then the Sushi master will make it for you.

7.18 PM
At friend's place.  We are going to watch Black Swan in an hour.  Now we are making mini pies to enjoy with a cup of tea.
11.03 PM
Black Swan was so good and most of us are satisfied, except one friend who always prefers light, funny and cartoon sort of movie.  I would say it is in my top 3 most favorite movie of the year.

11.37 PM
Home and all clean.  Going to read blogs before bed.  Tomorrow is going to be another fun day, crossing my fingers!  Going for some shopping then an early Christmas celebration.

Spending of the day:
Dinner $28
Movie $11
Total $39 (v. v. v. good!)

Got 3 of the Momiji message dolls, I think it can be a very special gift for different occasion.  The Happy Birthday one is for mom, BFF for best friend, and Thank You for boss.
Jacket - Anthropologie, shorts - Forever 21tights - GapLevi's vintage boots


  1. sanny..
    maltese is so cute..
    love that picture... =)

  2. You look so cute!! I feel its not your usual outfit!! you look fierce!!

  3. Hey Sanny!

    I like those stockings! I miss Pucca! :D $39 isn't so shabby! ;) That maltese is adorable and hey, those contacts look great on you!

    I finally published my giveaway so please join if you're interested. <3

  4. Seemed like you had another fulfilling day. However, I am so sorry that your apartment has a no pet policy.

  5. those boots are perfect <3 such a fun day! that puppy is ssoo cute :)


  6. You look adorable I love the anthropologie jacket! I hate when apartments charge for pets, its so dumb! We hid our cat until one day, he decided to jump on the maintenance guy...who didn't think it was funny haha so we moved.

  7. Momiji is so cute !! I want one too :D hahaha .. Have a fun holidays !!

  8. love your boots and that dog is so adorable! I`ve been meaning to watch Black swan for a while but I keep forgeting. I love Natalie Portman.xx

  9. your jacket is great! and this puppy has the cutest little face!!!

    i am really sad about your Wii....RIP! hahahah


  10. Such a cute puppy!!!! Thanks for your comment doll! hope you come back soon. I will follow you, follow me if you'd like to! :)

    xoxo summer

  11. nice outfit!! but i'm so jelaous of your doggy!!
    it looks FANTASTIC!!!! ooooh i want him!!!!
    so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! in <3 with your dog!!
    nice pics as always you do! ;)

  12. cute blog!! :)

  13. Thank you so much! i would love to follow, will you follow back ?


  14. that's such a cute jacket! and you look so sweet with that cute dog :)

  15. Looking gorgeous... All the outfits are awesome..

  16. You and your dog are so adorable ! hhehehe!

    Good to hear a nice feedback for Black Swan from you... I'm so intrigued!

    Wish there were momiji dolls here too! =( I really find them cute ! :D

    Nice outfit as always! ;D

  17. Sorry to hear about your Wii - I'd freak if mine broke. I love your boots though!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  18. adorable dog! i really like your blog. im your latest follower :)


  19. the Maltese is soo cute, but hmmm $1200 on the puppy lol that's a lot of money! and can't wait to hear what you think about Black Swan!

  20. ooo, i wanna see black swan! bummer about the wii, though. /: haha thanks for super nice comment. i love the holidays too!!

  21. aaaw I'm in love with the cute dog too! and I I love the boots with the polkadot tights :)

  22. love the outfit! you look so cute! and your boots match great with that sweater! :) Loving it! Totally love your blog by the way!:) Im so happy I ran into it! it's a great read and i love your posts and style:) so i'm gonna follow you!
    hope you visit me and follow me back!
    that would be amazing!


    have a fabulous day!

  23. O I love maltese too! they're so cute! U can get them from the animal shelter too.. way cheaper.. but of course it'll be harder to find a cute dog like that~ ~ ^^

    merry christmas

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  24. Hey Sanny! I am scared to see Black Swan. I am like your friend you likes fun and cartoon-like movies. However, I like dramas too. Just, nothing too scary, so I do not know if I am going to see that movie.

    Anyway, in response to your last comment, it sounds like the relationship is not moving forward or backwards. No progress is being made. Breaking up and getting back together and breaking up again does not sound like fun. It is a negative cycle, and you see that.

    If I were you, here is exactly what I would do: I would drop him down to Level 1 on the How Much I Like A Guy Meter. I would choose to not dislike him. I would see him as every other person. That way, I do not have to worry or even think about the chemistry we have together or the good times or anything! Because who does that for people they don't dislike!?!

    Also, if you choose to see him like any other acquaintance you don't dislike, then you do not have to worry about ignoring him ... ever. Just do what you would do with all your other acquaintances.

    If you're still having further problems, you can always email me and provide more details and stuff!

    Best wishes,


  25. I want that pup!!! my heart actually turns to mush whenever i am in the same room as a little white dog!


  26. thanks for the sweet comment about my photography! that was so nice of you (:

  27. Amazing!! I wish you a Merry Christmas! xoxo

  28. aww so sweet that she adopts from the shelter :) and sounds like an awesome day, hope your wii gets fixed. merry christmas hun!

  29. cute style
    hey i just discovered our blog and i like it, so i decided to gave you an award please check it in my blog :)


  30. your dog is too cute for words!! =)

  31. That puppy is too cute. Also loving those patterned tights.

  32. Totally Love this look !
    And your layout is so cute (:

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like (:

  33. Love the tights.


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