Sunday, October 17, 2010

A date with Autumn

Have I bored you yet for mentioning too many times about my love for Princeton?  Since I didn't have any big plan yesterday, and was really sure Princeton University would have amazing Autumn view, I dragged my family for some photo shoots in the University area.  It was really pretty!  After that we just strolled around the downtown area, there was some game going on so the town was pretty much packed, then we went for dinner and dessert (which was of course the BEST part to me).  Okay, enough with my crap, I have to run to some guy's house now to watch a horror DVD called Human Centipede.

Which part of your town that you like the most?
Provide the link if you have it (or I can just Google it).  I always enjoy reading about places that I never been and make plans for my next trip!

Welcome to Princeton University

Introducing my baby brother for the first time in this Blog.  Because we don't look alike, AT ALL, I used to create crazy story about how my parents adopted him when we were little and he would cry like crazy, I was a bully, heheh!
headband & top - thrifted, cardigan & short - UrbanOutfitters, tights - GAP, shoes - Forever 21

I just want to remember that day, that Friday, I got to hear his voice and I hope I did express well that I was doing fine.  Okay, I always broke down at first, but I kept telling myself that it was fine, it was normal, when we care that much for one person.  I'm such a girl!  I'm glad for the person I am, that I'm not the type that would remain in the dark, griefing.  And his voice will always be my favorite sound (:


  1. greaaaaat photos! and i like your new header!!! you are really lucky to have a beautiful campus like that!


  2. I love your shorts, they're so cute! And have fun watching Human Centipede, haha! I watched it with one of my friends awhile ago, and we laughed inappropriately through the whole thing!

  3. soooo cute. love seeing your picture.
    ahhh calm and nice..hehe ;p

  4. Aww! I love your new header. and your photos are nice. I want to experience autumn too! we never have autumns here. lame! IKR? haha:)
    nice blog you got.

    try to visit my blog too.thank you.

  5. Love all the pictures are looking very cute..your outfit is great...the background greenery looks amazing.

  6. The photos at Princeton are super cute - you look gorgeous! lovely new header too xx

  7. thankyou for your lovely comment, i really enjoy your blog and i LOVE your pictures, it's so fun!

    & yes, in reference to your comment on my blog, the purpose of life is to be happy, so never let anyone take that away from you!

    much love <3

  8. thanks for your visit and comment
    nice post :)

    visit my blog soon!


  9. well the town where I currently live at uni is crap! hahah. It`s so small that I can actually walk by foot from an end to another. Love your new header btw. Lovely pics, Princeton looks amazing.xx

  10. princeton really is such a gorgeous campus! i love visiting it and the downtown area. you and your baby brother are adorable and i'm loving all these pictures, especially the one of you two lying in the grass. :)

  11. cute pictures! and i heard about that centipede movie, i heard it was gross lol

  12. Nice photos -- Princeton has a beautiful campus (I always thought Yale's was the best but these photos are gorgeous)!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. OMG, I love the pictures!! And your outfit is fantastic! xoxo

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  15. such cool photos! i love the jacket and the shorts....

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. I love your photos!! and you look so cute :)

  17. thank you for stopping by my blog! these photos are amazing, and i love your blog :) absolutely love the photos of you just sitting on the grass with leaves everywhere, i feel like you only see that in movies!

  18. I love your festive fall photos and the adorable scalloped shorts! I so need a pair!

    Chic on the Cheap

  19. hi girl.. thx for stopping by my blog and leaving comment.. i like your blog and the photos on this post are just amazing.. i like the background..
    i can't find the place like that in my town in indonesia..

  20. lol! poor brother.. you bully! hahaha!! :) i wish i have siblings too so i can bully them too. lol.

    hope you follow my blog too. thanks for the comment.


  21. Wow Princeton looks breathtakingly beautiful. I hope I get to visit that campus some day. :) And I love your outfit. Those shorts are SO CUTE! And I adore your top as well. xo

  22. 1. you are ridiculously adorable. 2. the human centipede= D: D: D: ahhhhh!!!!!


  23. CUTE top!

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog - it lead me back to yours, which is so blasted cute! Your outfit is adorable, and so are the bro and sis pictures! xx

  25. Isn't autumn just amazing? I love the detail on your top ! xx


  26. Such pretty fall photos!!!!! I love the colors.

  27. awesome photos dear!
    I must say that the Universitate & Lipscani area:)

  28. Love the jacket and adore these photos! How they make me miss New Jersey. Your blog is too cute!!

  29. A beautiful day! Seeing the leaves change, even if through other people's photos, makes me smile.

  30. cute outfit, and love the leaves!


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