Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The girl in fedora hat

So I went to watch Jackass 3D and RED last Friday.  Both were indeed very entertaining and funny!  I laughed so hard that the guy sitting next to me couldn't help but stare each time I burst into probably the craziest laughter in the room.  I have lived this weekly movie routine (2 to 3 movies per week) life for as long as I could remember.  I enjoyed all kind of movies especially horrors, thrillers, and Indies.  Therefore, I was so used to those disturbing, nasty, horrifying scenes.  Until last Sunday when I watched The Human Centipede.  It was the STRANGEST and SICKEST movie, like EVER!  I laughed so hard because it was hilariously ridiculously sick! (kudos to the creator, though)  And those victims in the movie seem to be so lack of safety knowledge and logic!  When the movie ended, the guy and me were just sitting on his coach, speechless.  And we couldn't eat anything anymore for the rest of the day.

What is your craziest movie experience?

These pictures were taken about four months ago during our family trip to Universal Studio, California

I'm always the quirky one in the family, I was not supposed to be in this picture but I sneaked in.  My mom once told me that maybe I came from another planet (dropped down from a UFO or something).  My aunt always refuses to stay in the same car with me alone, because she couldn't stand my teases. RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Monsieur, Monsieur... Please feel better.  Things may never be the same again but I still care!  Is it appropriate to tell him that I want to be there for him, to listen to him, to make him feel better, even after I told him that I didn't want anything to do with him anymore? I'm such a horrible person!


  1. Fabulous hat, you look adorable!

  2. CA the best...looks like you had an amazing time here!!
    xx Emily at EL Vintage

  3. Thank you for your comment in my blog. new follower here:)

    those things are funny, hope you could understand tagalog:)

    BTW, love the hat. looks great on you..


  4. This is adorable, I love Universal Studios :)


  5. Great photos! I'm a HUGE horror movie fan but I've been avoiding The Human Centipede because it may be even too much for me ~ so kudos for making it through it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. AWW! That's such a lovely hat, Sanny! :)

    I like how vintage your photos look. I saw Jackass with my fiancé, his brother and the brother's fiancée. I wasn't expecting to see so much genitals. That was sooo crazy! :)) I laughed at a couple of parts, I'm not going to lie. lol.

  7. you look ADORABLE! in your hat, i love it, it makes me want one =) that's funny about the "santa claus" season, i like that!!
    ~ Village

  8. Cute romper! Looks so adorable on you xxx


  9. cute shots! love ur hat:)))
    check out my blog http://rayabo.blogspot.com/

  10. Oooh love the photos!!
    as for a movie experience, I can't really think of one right now XDXD

  11. hahah, love the last pic. Last winter me and my friend went to see a 3d horror movie which was absolutely disgusting. It wasn`t scary at all, just really gross.I don`t even remember the name but it was about some guy extracting the stomach juices of his victims. Eeeww.

  12. Hey!

    Thanks! I had a really nice b-day.
    About moviess... i'm about to go to one! It's lady's night!


  13. U look so super cute! :)

    btw thanks for stopping by


  14. LOL i heard about that movie, I don't understand why they make people in horror movies so... stupid! like honestly most decisions they make are so retarded they deserve to die

  15. that is a lovely hat! it actually reminds me a bit of the roaring 20's. i adore your style! =)


  16. aaaah love your hat!!!! u look so girly!
    I have to admit that i am going to the cinema only to eat the delicious buttered pop corn and drink a tone of coca cola! XD

    The funny thing is that we buy greek sandals because they are really cheap and the are from real leather!! Hate the shipping costs! they are so high!


  17. I've never seen the human cenitpede but ive read the synopsis and have seen film stills and yeah. so ridiculously twisted. who thinks up stuff like that!!?


  18. You are so cute! I love your outfit. And yikes, that centipede movie sounds horrific. Lol.

  19. Looks like you had fun at Universal Studios! I went there about a billion times when I was younger because I had a season pass. Did you do the tour where you walk around the movie sets? :D

  20. Hey sanny, Thanks for drop such a sweet comment in my blog. I love your outfits, Really!


  21. wow,,cute outfit..i like your style...nice...
    cute hat btw..

    wanna exchange link and follow me??


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