Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had the most hectic days of my life since the start of 2011!  2 jobs, a puppy, house hunting.  But everything is pretty much settled now.  I moved in my new house, a very cute townhouse, matter of fact, on May 12, a day after the closing date.  I'm so glad that I have all these people around me helping me out since moving by myself wasn't easy and Louie Louie (if you forget, it's my puppy's name), as much as she wished to help, I believe, couldn't do anything.  But she's been really good in our new house, she even slept in her own bed every night.  I'm having my regular single job back since May, and I have actively going to the gym 4 times a week!

Owh... have I mentioned that I just came back from my long weekend vacation to Puerto Rico?

Life has been super good!  I wouldn't complain but feeling so blessed.

Lastly, I'm sort of addicted to Tumblr these days.  I find the site more structural especially for pictures, video, audio, postings.  So I have migrated there.

Here is my Tumblr site if you are interested: Sanny's Fancy Wall

I really hope to see you there, though.



  1. aw, it's good to read you!! i will go see your tumblr :) say hi to LL for me:)

  2. yeah it's been long..miss ya! ;P
    so happy that things went well for you...
    owh cool..i have tumblr too..
    will check out yours :))

  3. Hey, so good to see you're back Sanny! :)
    I'm glad to hear that life has been good to you, Puerto Rico sounds awesome. I hope you enjoyed your holiday after all that stress!

    I'm already following your tumblr. But say, you won't post stuff here on this blog anymore? Or did i get it wrong?

    Happy Sunday!

  4. wow you've moved into your own place! congratulations :)

    I really love it! now following :)



I can't help it but smile smile smile :D
So, thank you!

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