Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anoko Ni 1000%

Recently came across Anoko Ni 1000% while browsing.  One of my most favorite manga during Junior High School.

It's about Asuza, the manager of the soccer team in a high school, who was dating the captain of the team, Ikumi, and was younger than her by a year.  Everything was just fine until the couch of the team was injured and his position was temporary replaced by Takafumi, a college student, who had a crush on Asuza.  It got even worse when Cindy, an aggressive American girl, in which Ikumi met during his study in the US couple years back, moved to Japan, to be with Ikumi.

The drama, the bickering between Ikumi and Takafumi, Asuza and Cindy, it was fun to read.  The manga ended at chapter 5, but I could only find up to chapter 3.  Thus, I have no clue about the ending.  I really wish to read all of them if I get a chance.

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