Monday, July 19, 2010


Somewhere along the way, when something died down, it could be something we own, couldn't have, or the feeling we have strongly for a particular person.  And our world turned upside down, and we were left searching for balance again.
This is the phase in life where we are searching for our horizon.

Rachael Yamagata conveyed it stunningly in her song, Horizon.  It's about feeling, though.
The last time I laid my eyes upon you
You were blowing kisses and I was waiting in the car
Something had died, yet everything around kept turning
Don’t even know where you are

Somewhere along the line we lost our horizon
I’ve been looking round, up and down to no avail
Someday I hope to find the horizon
I’ve been all around the world yet nothing is clear

The last time I held you, it was head to heart
The curtain was drawn, I left you sleeping so sound
If I had known forever after we would stay apart
I would have whispered all the things I can’t tell you now

I don’t believe in you, like I so wanted to
I hope you’d ask heavens above, to forgive all the damage you’ve done
And if I did teach you anything at all
I hope that you learn how to love
But I doubt if I’ll ever talk to you, after now

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