Monday, September 20, 2010

Do what you can do

My weekend was a HUGE BONUS.

Explain why?
The weather was surprisingly NICE, we called it the last official weekend of 2010 Summer.  I was all happy and couldn't be any happier.  Went to Belmar beach on Saturday, there was a female surfer pro contest going on.  Although we got there late, but we still got to watch a little show of people surfing, so we hung out there for a little bit.  One of the benefits living here is also that we have quite a few beaches around.  And I actually wore the same outfit for 2 days!  I ADORE my red dress, it is so light and comfortable, I just didn't want to take it off, heheh!  Dirty girl.  Went to New York City AGAIN on Sunday.  There was this festival called San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy.  So many people were there!  Despite the fact that I dislike being in a crowd, I couldn't say no to good food.  What a weakness.  Then end the night watching Catfish at Loews Lincoln Square 13.  Does this movie play in your country or area?  I would highly recommend it.  It's so witty, touchy, unpredictable, a combination of feelings that I can't really find in other movies.  Okay, not going to spoil it with my random rating.

I have not done everything I ever wanted.  This universe is enormous!  The list of what I want to have, see, experience, is getting longer each day.  Fortunately, I have the time to make each of them come true.  Then, now, tomorrows (:

I thinks business.  Is manipulative.  Plays all or nothing.  Fastens your seatbelts.  It's been a long day.
I think adventure.  Loves company.  Involves a certain risk.  Ignores backseat drivers.  Is on its way (can't wait!).

I may have a phobia with little kids, I could hang out with them for a little while, but once they start the screaming or crying, I freak out more than their screaming or crying.  But one thing I learn about them is that, their sincere innocent smiles could bring a very warm feeling to my heart, like I could just smile my brain out in the most childish way.  Foolishly feeling like a newborn.

Got this dress few weeks ago from Twitch Vintage.  The owner, Robyn, is one fine lady!  She always got absolute fine pieces in her store.  Got the jacket for more than a year, couldn't recall from where.

The sky was so pretty that I didn't have to do much touching to these pictures.  They were captured by my sister.


  1. really nice photos!!! and you look fabulous with that dress! red is definetelly your colour!


  2. you're so beautiful!
    im glad this post is more lighthearted than the last. you deserve to be happy.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  3. I am loving all of your photos - they are so sweet! x

  4. Like your LRD (Little Red Dress lol) so elegant!

    I'm following you, hope you follow me back :)

    Natalie's blog

  5. lovely pics, it looks like alot of fun . And the dress is definitely worth wearing it two days in a row lol.xx

  6. love your take on the business and adventure and love that jacket!!

  7. I like the red dress and all of the photos!

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog and that's awesome that you're from central jersey too! i haven't found any bloggers from here until now! :)

    these pictures of you on the beach are gorgeous and i'm loving the red dress. i'm a fan of belmar beach!!

  9. Your posts are soooo creative and lovely! Yay for nice weekends! You look amazing in red!


    My favorite photo is the one of you waiting for the subway! AWESOME. I need a picture of myself like that!

    Looking forward to reading more!


  10. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures and your outfit I love your jacket it's so warm and cute!! ;)

  11. Thanks, girls! I was told how gross it was to wear the same dress for 2 days. But I was stubborn enough to ignore and really wore them 2 days LOL I kinda think that it is, in fact, gross now. But things happen d:

    Have a wonderful one, everyone! (:


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