Thursday, September 2, 2010

If it's not there, there's nothing to find out

My day was a U-turn.

Explain why? 
1. I was overwhelmed at work because my colleague left for family trip until Sept. 10th with tons of unfinished chores.
2. I was heart broken myself just by telling him that I don't want to be around him anymore.
3. Decided to go to the theater to watch 'The Last Exorcism'.  Most people watch funny movie when they don't feel well.  But I always choose horror.
4. When I heard his voice again, it feels like I'm still strong enough.  That I'm not tired, I could still chase him around and debate him, here again and again.  Now I'm singing.
5. I lost my goddamn Blackberry and only realized it when I got home.  Went back to the theater but it was closed already.  I'm going to call tomorrow and hopefully it's still there.
6.  Couldn't stop wondering why why why am I so clumsy, the times I lost my phone have been countless and I always got it back.  Dropped it on the staircase of an office building, restaurants, left my entire bag at a restaurant (the nice waiter ended up chasing after my car from behind), friends' cars and houses.  What if I won't get it back this time?

Feeling at home?
A mess of my own making, reassuring diversions to keep myself busy and engaged in every corner.  So that I could stop obsessing about my phone and remain positive.  1. Being upset isn't going to bring back my phone.  2. Worst case scenario, even if I can't get it back, it's not the end of the world.

I'm NOT at peace with my hair.  It feels too short after I cut it.  But it will grow back fast, this is common.

With respect to my generosity:
I have no comment.  I'm pretty much a selfish person.  Most of the time is just because I feel good about it, when I'm being generous.

All of these pictures were taken before I realized that I lost my phone.  My shoes are from Free People.

I miss my phone already.


  1. Sorry about the phone and everything. Hope you find it.xx

  2. you're so pretty!

    i do hope that things get better soon.

    im a new follower. follow back :D
    <3 dennica pearl

  3. I love this outfit! I hope you're feeling better about all of this already, and that you've found your phone!

  4. I really love this post. I love the words. And the photos are fabulous!


  5. Thanks, gorgeous! (:
    I didn't find my phone in the end, but at least my provider credited back $100 and another $100 rebate is on its way.

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I can't help it but smile smile smile :D
So, thank you!

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