Monday, September 6, 2010

The ideal is provocative

Saturday was windy, in a really nice way (at least to me).  So I decided to go to New York City again.  My plan was just to walk around upper west side, read at Central Park, visit some museum, and dinner at a French restaurant (plan changed, my friend was in the mood for pecking style roast duck so we took a cab to Chinatown).

As for my lost Blackberry, I couldn't find it.  Lesson's learned.  I promise myself I will be less clumsy next time.  The bright side was, after making several phone calls, my provider agreed to credit back $100 to my account, and another $100 rebate is on its way.  I have ordered a Blackberry Tour as replacement.

Riverside Drive (79th Street, residential area)

American Museum of Natural History (Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY, 10024)
Only stayed for 15 minutes, didn't realize that they close at 5.45 PM.

Central Park

Pecking Duck House (28 Mott Street, New York, NY, 10013)
They have another location in Midtown (between 2nd & 3rd Avenue) but my friend wanted to find a bargainable Elmo t-shirt for her niece.  I would say their pecking duck is one of the best I've ever tasted, and it costs only $43 per duck!  The meat was so tender and the skin is crispy in a perfect way.  Heaven! (:

Found this hand painted mask for $10 while we were strolling around Chinatown Mott Street, forced myself into some bargaining (which I despised), ended up paying $9.  I think it's really pretty though.

My Sunday was someone else's.

Explain why?
For the first time after a very long time (ever since the day I started my thesis, which was last April, I lost my I-deserve-to-be-lazy day).  I got to stay at home the whole day, woke up late, continued reading 'Something Blue', made my own tapioca slush with as much whipped cream as I wanted, watched True Blood, Entourage, and the Golden Girls, Internet browsing as long as I want, and did my laundry which was left behind for 2 goddamn weeks.  It felt like today belonged to someone else, yet it felt GOOD!

Who gives me the right advice?
None from today.  But I did always welcome inputs from people every now and then.  The rest, such as decision making, I left it to my own logic and judgement, to decide what is right or wrong, and what action to take.

If I could elect my best physical feature:
I go with my shoulders, I used to swim a lot and still perform regular work out.

What is not yet finished?
I tried to finish all of my personal chores I could think of before the weekend, unless there's any that I have forgotten.

My heart status:
It's beating just fine.  Not everyone may buy it (actually very least could understand).  I'm not in love, need a break, or in love.  This is not my concern, at least for now.  I'm at the stage of life where it feels like everyday is an excitement, where there's always something to discover, to look forward.  I do care a lot about certain people, but I really don't expect or want anything out of it.


  1. i really love this simple chic outfit :)

    many thanks for the comments as always ..
    glistersandblisters dot com

  2. Lovely dress babe. Glad you`re getting some money back for your Blackberry.xx

  3. Awww cute shoes again!!! & your Peking duck just got me drooling here hehe :)

  4. Fabulous post, dear!

    I love NYC! So, this was awesome to read and look at. I really love your outfit. I need a variation of this in my life.

    I love the fortune cookie!

    And I really like the part at the end where you check in with yourself ... ie heart status. We all need to do more of that.


  5. a. that is a great fortune.... even if it really isnt a fortune.

    b. I adore oxfords with no socks. It's preppy with a hint of rebellion.

    c. You look so happy in these shots. I like bloggers that smile.

  6. Thanks, ladies! (:
    Life has been so good!

    I hope it will remain great and get even better for all of us!


I can't help it but smile smile smile :D
So, thank you!

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