Thursday, September 9, 2010

She smiles all her brains out on a good day

My day was 'homemade'.

Explain why?
I noticed most of stuff I did today were done with my own hands and indoor (office, home).  I actually acted as the technical support at work and it went good.  I did meat, mushroom, and onion cutting and slicing in the kitchen without harming anything or anyone.  I measured the clothes that my sister and I wanted to sell, and I did the layout design as well (image above is our logo).  I wished for extra 2 more hours for everyday, 24 hours is just not enough!  I need to clean my room but couldn't find the time, it has been almost 3 weeks.

I prefer and love heavy rain.  It is always so loud and windy that it feels like all my troubles could just be brushed away.  And I love the smell of rain, it makes me happy (:

Least favorite at the moment:
Having too many options (I'm greedy, it's hard to choose, I need to have it all).

If I have a chance to travel now:
I will go to Bali, Indonesia again.  One of the nicest island (especially the beach) I have ever been to.

Surprise surprise, an ex boyfriend from 2006 (I believe) 'like' my Facebook status yesterday (I 'friended' him first).  He stopped talking to me ever since I rejected to get back together few weeks after we broke up.  I'm so happy to realize that even little thing like this in life could get me excited, definitely don't like to leave anyone in the dark.


  1. love how you matched the colour of your dress with those black & pink sandals. I would really love to go on a warm and sunny island right now. Sigh.xx

  2. That dress looks amazing on you and the color is perfect. You look great.


  3. Love your vintage match :) love the shoe!!! you have the best taste in shoes!!!

  4. i love this vintagy look !
    the dress is pretty :)

    have a great TGIF :D
    glistersandblisters dot com

  5. Absolutely lovely. I love the mixing of the green with the pink shoe. Great combination.

  6. That blue dress is mesmerizing. It looks fabilous on you!

    Off The Wardrobe

  7. Most beautiful smile & I adore that dress! x


  8. A million thanks and always with love, ladies (:
    That has always been one of my favorite vintage pieces and the shoes were actually my sister's.

    Have a good one, everyone! (:

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  10. looove your dress! I am following from now on!!



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