Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winner of cards she can't play

My day was a LONG SHOT!

Explain why?
I finally decided to see my new dentist today, one of my fills went off like few months ago.  I had 3 years relationship with my orthodontist before for my braces, and it caused me some kind of trauma (uncountable numbing shots, she forcefully took away 4 of my good teeth, having sprue for months, etc), although the result was worth it, but the experience turns on all my goosebumps.  I thought the damage was not all bad since it had only been few months (the broken fill), but no, my dentist gave me 2 numbing shots.  I turned so pale that it shocked everyone in the room.  My dentist told me to raise my hands up if I happen to feel abnormal and he kept on saying 'you are a very good kid, you are doing a very good job'.  What am I, a 3 years old?  It took him more than an hour to finish because I couldn't help to chock for like every 2 minutes.

I can read this soul's mind:
1. Monsieur
2. My best friend (until he got a girlfriend who hated me), he was really cute last week when he liked a picture of me, he went 'just want to tell you that you are handsome', I pulled a ??? face, then he made me grinned (because I knew what he actually meant) when he said, 'that picture of yours' and he slipped away

This person can read my mind:
1. Monsieur
2. My best friend (until his girlfriend did everything she could to block me out of his life)

Any unusual dental experience to share?

I don't usually post pictures of others (not everyone is comfortable with it, lesson's learned), but I got some of the girls' approval this time

The Birthday girl, I LOVE LOVE her dress!

Her jumpsuit is so cute! She got it from ASOS

I wonder why my eyes are so small in all pictures? Trust me, they are not that small in real life (who am I kidding?) Any make up tips for bigger eyes?
Red lipstick - Estee Lauder, Knitted mini dress - Forever 21, Bow gold belt - Modcloth, Clutch and shoes - Zara


  1. That's most definitely a cute dress! :)

    Forever21 has such great fashion finds!

  2. I like the whole outfit! :D

    Everyone totally looked gorgeous!

    I've been to the dentist a couple of times for braces, fillings, and all the things you've mentioned hahaha! I totally understand you hahaha! But last July, I got used to a weekly dental vist that I didnt notice i was being numbed already! Haha! Well at least your teeth are good as new now huh!? :D

  3. You and your friends look gorgeous - most of my dentist experiences havent been that fun. I never minded when I had braces, but getting my wisdom teeth out was awful, I remember feeling the pain and screaming (they gas you here and keep you awake :S)


  4. You all are looking gorgeous!! Love your outfit....Hope everyone had a great time.

  5. Ur so pretty and love ur blog! I'm following u now. Please check out my blog and if you like it then please follow back ^_^



  6. you look absolutely beautiful!
    i DESPISE the dentist.

    everything from the taste of fluoride, to the sharp instruments.

    not for me ! :[

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  7. Wow... sounds painful!!!
    I've been running away from my Dentist for a while... :p
    Love your outfit!

  8. you all look so pretty!


  9. You girls look so cute! xx


  10. Great outfits girls! I`ve just been to the dentist this summer and it was horrible. The dentist was working so slow that I had to sit with my mouth open for like 2 hours each visit. And I hate that everytime you go for a checkup they start telling you about your other teeth probs and ask you to come so many times. Total ripoff lol!

  11. Tell me about it, I had my braces too. My dentist had to pull 8 teeth out of my mouth (yes 8!!). Preparation for braces was done within 1 month so here's the schedule: 1 or 2 teeth removal + impacted tooth surgery then I got 6-day rest. And chain of cycle refreshed anew. I was having fun sticking my tongue out of the gap haha. Now glad with the result.


  12. Cute belt, I love it!!



  13. my poor poor little girl! why dentist is always a bad experience? i hate to go but i always have!

    You look beautiful in this khaki dress!


  14. Sanny said...
    What an adorable space you have! (: You have such a good taste, from the chosen colors to the entire interior, and the view is AMAZING! I wish to have my own flat soon!

    Have a wonderful one (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

    7 October 2010 11:20
    Rebecca said...
    Sanny - Thanks very much, I tried to add a few individual personal touches to my room which I'm really pleased with. You're right the view is amazing! :) Hopefully you have one soon x

    Ps, I love your blog header picture!

  15. I love your friend's dress too!! you outfit is very cute too :)

  16. Love your dress! and now following you :)

  17. I totally hate going to the dentist, they raise my heart rate, and make me impossibly nervous!

    Just the other day I think my dentist ruined my fillings for life...ugghhh!

    you look great by the way ;)
    xo Carlina

  18. You all look great!
    Always use eyeliner and wing it out at the sides! try a gel eyeliner from MAC or Bobbi Brown, or a waterproof pencil eyeliner like from Chanel...


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