Sunday, October 3, 2010

She lives, she loves, she beams

So this lovely lady, Vero from blame it on the boogie (check out her blog, she is so amazingly talented in constructing beautiful jewels!), tagged me few days ago to list 10 things that I love.  It's kind of hard for me since I'm always this greedy girl who has trouble in making up her mind when it comes to prioritizing things, I love too many things, heheh!

So here comes my strange list...
1. The Weather Channel, I have the need to check and browse their website everyday
2. The rain, its smell, and my excitement for stormy weather
3. The color green, but all kind of green vegetables are my enemies, my friends always teased 'how old are you, like 3?' (luckily I love fruit!)
4. Folk (rock) music, my track list ranges from Rachel Yamagata, Katie Herzig, to She and Him
5. Smiling, laughing, and skipping.  At least 60% of my everyday featuring them.  Especially in those worse days, they are my instant cure!
6. My room, my bed.  I got 'bedroom sick' each time I did sleep over at someone else's place, so no matter how late it is, I always prefer to go home
7. Dessert.  I have an extremely sweet tooth.  The dessert section is the first thing I sort through from any restaurant menu
8. Good horror and thriller movies, I'm obsessed, and they cheer me up when I'm feeling down (current obsession: Let Me In)
9. Bad girl gone good Chic Literature books, I can finish each in 2 days, stay awake until sunrise, and thinking about the character for days (current obsession: Darcy Rhone from Something Blue by Emily Giffin)
10. Monsieur's voice, my solace (:

I tag anyone who feels like passing this '10 Things I Love'.

 Jacket - Zara, romper -, tights - Gap, shoes -

I had been craving for Dim Sum for more than a month, I was that happy!

And a book rack being transformed into shoe rack, yay!


  1. Thanks for the comment you left on my page. I love reading and shoes are one of my favorite material possessions so kudos on transforming that book shelf! :)) That's innovation right there. lol.

    That dress is super cute, by the way! :) Please do visit again. ;)

  2. love ur shoes rack! i'm craving dim sum too!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment!! love how you combined tights with the cute floral dress. Very chic!

    Ps. following you :p
    xx Diana

  4. SMART idea to transform your book shelf into shoe heaven rack!!! I gotta DO shoes are taking over my room! Love that floral look fabbbbulous!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. Cute tights!!!
    Thanx for stoppin' by my Blog.

  6. Thanks for replying my comment :)

    visit my blog too :)
    see my latest post
    and It'll be great if we're following each other


  7. aah!!! you answer!! :D:D:D
    love your dress and especially the colours!


  8. this is a great post !
    love your floral dress and denim jacket !

  9. I uber like your collection of shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :D

  10. lol I like your idea of the bookshelf! and you look lovely in floral too. I don't have sweet tooth but I lovee fast food :D

  11. Awww cute list! The weather channel one made me laugh. :P

    Your dress is sooo pretty and I love how you paired it with the denim jacket!

    And what a brilliant idea of turning a bookcase into a shoecase!! :)

  12. I love the colors of the outfit. so do you know how to eat with chopsticks? it's so hard for me/ xo

  13. oh no, I envy your tight! the polkadot pattern is really unique. Wish i have one. You're pretty in that outfit, by the way.

    P.S : I've linked your blog on my 'international inspiration' list on my blog! Hope we'll be friends. keep in touch :)

    Natalie's blog

  14. this is so cute! and i too, love the weather channel :) i'm oddly obsessed with checking the weather! cute post!

  15. That shoe rack is dope.

  16. I know what you mean. I`m addicted to my bed also. I`m never able to sleepover at someone else`.Love the romper.xx

  17. Love your romper, xx

  18. What you did with the library is amazing, Ive been meaning to do the same thing but I dont have enough space in my room so unfortunately I have to settle for a shoe-closet.. And your post idea is really good, I might do a similar post as well (even though Im not tagged hehe)
    Im now following you, please follow me back!

    Elena from

  19. Amazing outfit. Awesome idea on the bookshelf. Thank you for commenting and voting for my Asa. Have a great day.


  20. aww this is super cute =))

    followed you..nice layout..very cute...


  21. "7. Dessert. I have an extremely sweet tooth. The dessert section is the first thing I sort through from any restaurant menu" --- I usually do this too ever since I was a child. :)



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