Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First her then her

My day was thick-skinned.

Explain why?
I felt so relax and light the whole day that I thought office was my home.  I hummed almost the whole day more than a bird.  I skipped around, and around.  I drank a lot of milk that my boss made, even tricked him into mixing his with chocolate.  I went home for lunch for like an hour, my boss told me to 'take my time', though.  I took silly pictures with my colleague when we had nothing to do, at work.  I'm so grateful with my life and for who I am.  I love my life! Any thick-skinned experience lately, girls?

A thought that scares me to death?
Losing all my teeth at once, heheh!  I know it does not make any sense in the possibility of happening, but it creeps me out just by imagining it!  What's yours?

During a conflict:
I usually attack my rival until I'm all right and he/she (mostly he, I'm weak with girls) admits that I win.  What a bad ride.

A melody can totally put me in a sentimental mood.  I do a lot of 'Oh my God, that song is so my life!' then I will memorize the entire lyrics.

The weather was amazingly nice, this picture was untouched!

Monkey belongs in the jungle


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I love tights. You look great with them on. I love your top. Where are you from?

  2. Hey thanx for following me!! I'm following you too.

  3. you look lovely in these pics. I hate losing in an argument also and even if I realize at some point that I`m wrong I keep going till the other person gets too bored to listen to me hahah.xx

  4. CUTEE!!!!!I would totally wear what you're wearing :)

  5. nice style :))

    Visit my blog soon
    and It'll be great If we're following each other


  6. These are so adorable. You look like you are having so much fun.


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