Monday, September 27, 2010

She skips around the city

According to an article I just read, generally a person is said to be a 'blogger' if he/she makes at least 3-4 posts a week.  I made 2 at most and sometimes only 1 in a week.  I failed terribly to consider myself as a blogger based on that article.  But I love blogging, and writing!

So my New York City weekend was one of the most awkward I could think of, but I still manage to enjoy myself in my little awkward world.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm always having such hard time bonding with girls?  I almost bailed on this 'girls night out' weekend until the birthday girl told me that it's really important to her for me to be there.  Any tips about this issue?

I was actually nervous about all these situations like what I should say when these girls share stories about guys, family, celebrities, or during the 'outfit parade'.  I was afraid I may say something that would hurt their feelings.  So most of the time, I just sat there, nodding and smiling.  Is it weird that I was always the first one that got dressed, fastest at the shower, or using the mirror for make up?

Then they had all these plans about the night club.  I didn't really like the idea at first, being the old fashioned I am.  But I thought why not, it's not like I'm going to die there or something.  It turned out not so bad.  I actually enjoyed watching people getting kicked out for presenting fake IDs, overly dressed girls being hit by overly dressed guy.  I supposed I looked pretty decent because guys that came to me looking pretty decent too, until these 2 guys forced himself to sit with us, then we got stuck with them for the rest of the night.  My friends exchanged phone numbers with some guys but I decided to just leave them with my email address (received 2 emails so far, but no plan on replying).  Any interesting night club story to share?

Enough with my craps, here are some pictures to share.

 We had lunch at Junior's across the street from our hotel (Marriott Marquis).  Kudos for their heavenly made cheesecake.

The view from our hotel room at night.  I felt so touristy.  Heheh!

The super M&M store, so colorful and such a candy land!  I could just run around and throw myself among them (luckily I didn't, the security guy was thrice my size).

I really like the cartoon painting on these billboards!


  1. Ahh I really envy you :) Must go to NYC one day!
    I like your dress, it's so chic.
    Hei I've put your blog on my link list. Hope you'll link me back too

    Natalie's blog

  2. just found your blog and in love with it

    following you now


  3. oh, that dress is so pretty. I find it really hard also to bond with girls. I never had more than one girl friend, and now since I`m in a relationship, not even one! I`ve been trying so hard always to make girl friends but there are so few that I really feel I could get along :(.xx

  4. A blogger is a blogger when he loves blogging, it doesn't matter how many posts u do per week, don't feel bad about it! Keep on expressing who you are through that site, and don't take into consideration that kind of theories! Many kisses!

  5. aaaa i am sooooo jealous!!!! NY!!! the view from your room..cant describe it! lucky lucky lucky!


  6. Wow, the city looks amazing! And so busy!

    I love your dress too. The colors are so pretty. Great look girly :]


  7. Love our dress...You look sooo cute!! The city seems to be very busy eh??Nice blog sweetie!

  8. LOVE the dress. ;) It suits you so well. I consider anyone who blogs ever to be a blogger. Regular posts that aren't entertaining shouldn't count more than random fun ones.

  9. Once again, I'm loving the dress! I'm dying to go to NY! Did you see a broadway show? That's a must!

    Hopefully, my fiancé and I will save enough to travel to NY. :)

    Some men can be so rude. Confidence is a turn on but that's just too much! Pushy, I might say.


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