Friday, January 7, 2011

Bring on the wonder

9.02 AM
At work!  Since I have Louie Louie, I manage to arrive at work on time because I wake up early each day to feed her.

12.31 PM
Hurrah!  Boss has agreed to cosign for my mortgage.  I'm so excited for house hunting now.  Aiming for 3 bedrooms townhouse.

3.25 PM
Came back from checking Louie Louie.  Caught her trying to eat her own poops!
4.17 PM
Just called the vet.  He laughed at me because I sounded upset asking solution about Louie Louie eating her own poops.  But according to him, it's very normal for puppies to eat their own poops, I just have to go and pick up the medicine for that.

6.21 PM
Been talking to the Monsieur for advise about house buying.  Just glad to have him around again especially at this time because he is so familiar with this subject.

The Monsieur was so silly the other day when he tried to cheer me up with his ' cup of hot chocolate' talk.  Weeh!
6.35 PM
Got to walk Louie Louie with a friend now.

6.52 PM
Gah!  It was freezing cold out there, friend said there will be another snowstorm tomorrow.  Hope it won't be all bad this time.

10.46 PM
Washed hair and just replied an email from the Monsieur.  I'm getting more excited about getting my own place!

Will talk to best friend for a little bit, he was not so happy that I've been 'abandoning' him lately for Louie Louie.  Will then clean Louie Louie, make a blog post then call it a night.
Hat, Scarf, Jacket - Forever 21, tights - Benetton, boots - ModCloth


  1. I'm happy that the blizzard is gone! I can tell how cold it is because of the layers!

    I like your little beret! <3

  2. Cute outfit - and wow, house shopping? That's exciting!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. lovely blog :) i like your style, good luck house-hunting!

    The Flower Girl


  4. Cute picture!!!!
    I love that dogs eat their own poop.
    It's so gross.

  5. house hunting!!! aww ur boss is so nice to cosign for u !!!!!! I want a house 2 !!! >_<

    @ Click here to help!
    @ Cute Stuff!
    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. very nice post !

    Elle :)

  7. Can't wait to hear more on the house hunting. :)

  8. Aw you look so cuuute as usual :)I love blue coats like yours at the moment!
    How exciting that you'll go house hunting! Good luck dear!

  9. Wow! You have made a great start in 2011. I am happy for you that you are able to start searching for your new house and that your dog is helping you in time mangement! I wish for you more greater experiences in 2011.

  10. Sounds like a busy day :D
    I hope your new place is all you dreamed it to be!
    Cute outfit :D

  11. love your coat and scarf. Good luck with the house hunting!xx

  12. Louie Louie your new love!!!!! and she is sooo cute!!!
    Glad that u ll find your own house!!!!!! good luck!!"Sanny mansion"!!!!!


  13. A house!!! that is amazing!! I'm so proud of you and at the same time happy for you too!!! Just remember to get the house that you really want, I remember when I got my house, it was a tedious experience, I wish you live nearby so I can recommend you my realtor lol!!
    aawwww say hi to louie louie for me, and dont worry about the poop eating puppy, they do it all the time because their mother clean them up when they were little when they are cover with poop, oh and also they think that poop is their food because of the smell
    You outfit is so cute!!! Loving the sweater hon

  14. House hunting! That sounds so exciting. And yes I used to work at a vet, and that is a REALLY common problem.

  15. a new house is so exciting!! that's so nice of your boss to cosign for you. and that hat! is perfect. hope your dog... stops eating the poop haha

  16. AW THIS IS SO CUTE. I would document my day too, because it's a fabulous idea, but it'd consist of "Went to class, then clas, then lunch, then class, then homework, then bed." I have a fascinating life.

    And louie louie is the cutest name EVER.

  17. Your jacket it's beautiful! Hope you find a great house!

    P.S: I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award..check my blog:

  18. cute hat!

  19. lol ! u have a child ! hahaha :D I wonder why he eats poops, and i'm surprised there's a medicine for that !

  20. Exciting News on the house hunting! :)

    I've just seen pictures of little Louie Louie, Soooooooo cute, you should do some outfit posts with her.

    I'm so hoping to get a puppy this year once I've saved up enough money and have some time of work. I can't wait!

    Happy New Year! xxx

  21. Sanny I passed on the Stylish Blogger award to you :)
    For more info see my latest blogpost.

    Have a great day dear!


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